Innovation is part of our DNA, and for us when we are looking for a solution, we are looking for partners who are also innovative. A partner who will help us win clients, win customers, and create a better experience, and FlashParking had done that for us.

We had a client that wanted to collect cash on a pay-on-foot. FlashParking found this one piece of equipment and developed a pay-on-foot around it, and that single piece of equipment works better than any pay-on-foot station that I have ever seen in 30 years. More consistent, never breaks down, and very cost effective. I have a happy client, happy customers, and I’m happy.

We don’t tell our regional leaders who they are going to work with, we make recommendations, and FlashParking has done a great job of winning those leaders over. Our folks have chosen to use FlashValet and FlashPARCS in virtually every single market across the country.

Robert DeBurro

Executive Vice President and
Managing Partner of LAZ Parking

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