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Replacements or repairs on parking system equipment can result in days of downtime, curb potential revenue, and lead to unhappy customers.  Simplified systems with minimal components allow for Do-it-Yourself (DIY) maintenance, which minimizes downtime and facilitates consistent service for customers. 

1. Simple Design  The Smart Station brings together all the essential elements needed to manage parking access and revenue control into a single elegant unit. Our physical kiosk is identical for entry, exit, pay-on-foot, or multi-space. The system is designed with the guiding principle of “less moving parts = less chance for a breakdown.” Our kiosks have only minimal components inside with only one moving part: the printer. This makes maintenance incredibly simple and straightforward.

2. FlashCare Maintenance Kit  FlashCare Maintenance Kits, which contain replacements for all Smart Station components, are included with every FlashPARCS solution so any product issues can be resolved in a quick, efficient manner. Our USB-based, plug and play system is designed so that you can easily replace any component in the Smart Station in a matter of minutes with the simple turn of a few screws and the plugging-in of a USB.

3. Remote Troubleshooting and Updates Modern business can be done anytime, anywhere–and your parking solutions should be no different. Remote access to your system controls allows for more consistent upkeep, convenient programming, simplified scalability, redundancy, and improved security.  System updates no longer require a lane to go down for an extended period of time while the update is made on site. Our system allows for instant updates to be pushed remotely to your Smart Stations via the cloud.

What we’ve seen with Flash has been really remarkable. It’s been one of the only solutions we’ve ever installed, and not had one service or support call 6 months down the road.
Ryan Hunt

President of Premier Parking

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