EV Charging

Go from separate networks to a unified experience

FLASH’s EV Charging helps you diversify revenue while meeting the needs of the modern EV driver. Today, it’s an added amenity – tomorrow it will be the standard in every parking operation.

FLASH’s EV program is entirely managed by FLASH and includes digital demand through ParkWhiz and other demand networks.

Our solutions enable a truly seamless, integrated EV charging experience for parkers:

      • Reservation-based EV Charging session
      • Transient EV Charging session

And our EV program can operate on a revenue share model, so you see additional revenue on day one.

Operator Benefits
  • Competitive Advantage -- attract new customers with charging as an added amenity visible on eParking and navigation platforms

  • Loyalty -- customers who frequently seek charging will be back again

Parker Benefits
  • Easy -- can book in advance on phone

  • Seamless Access -- via a QR code 

  • Integrated -- wayfinding with navigation apps

Boats Burned
on ICE

Electric Vehicles will surpass Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) in terms of sales
by 2030.

380 Chargers

Is the number of chargers we would need to install every day for the next nine years to keep pace with the adoption of EVs.


The timeline automakers have adopted to go fully electric, digital, and connected.

User Flows, Cut Sheets, eBooks

EV Charging Resources


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EV Charging Cut Sheet

Managed EV Standards

The Future of Parking in the Mobility Ecosystem

If there is one thing I can relay to our parking operator partners, the time is now to start planning your EV strategy, and we can be your consultative partner.
Ben Davee
GM of EV Charging Division