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As consumers become more demanding and less patient, parking professionals are finding that speed of service is key to keeping customers happy. Speed is essential, both in terms of entry and exit procedures in the garage and in terms of how quickly the facility can implement new parking solutions that meets their needs with as little disruption of service as possible.

FlashParking’s business model is designed to minimize the implementation headaches and timelines for parking professionals so they can start generating ROI much quicker than other systems, while having minimal disruption to parkers.

How is that?

1. Equipment manufactured and assembled in the US. We don’t source materials from overseas. All of our equipment is sourced from providers in the US and assembled by equipment experts in our own production facility located in Austin, TX.

2. Direct Sales and installation model. We don’t rely on third party local distributors, who are often limited by their availability and inventory. We are in control of the end-to-end process, thus creating efficiencies from sales to onboarding to installation and deployment to training.

3. Cloud-based software platform and architecture. We completely configure your end-to-end system (calculated rates, entry/exit configuration, monthly parker vs. transient rules, payment transaction set up, etc.) remotely before your equipment is ever placed in the lane. Once installed and connected to the internet, the Smart Station is immediately ready to go. No onsite server configuration is needed.

Innovation is part of our DNA, and for us when we are looking for a solution, we are looking for partners who are also innovative. A partner who will help us win clients, win customers, and create a better experience, and FlashParking had done that for us.

Robert DeBurro

Executive Vice President and Managing Partner LAZ Parking

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