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These Business Models, They Are A-Changin’

I was listening to Internet Radio the other night while making dinner. Much to my kids’ dismay, I tuned into a classic station. Bob Dylan’s “These Times, They Are a-Changin” came on. As I was listening to it, it got me thinking. I started to draw comparisons to the parking industry. Now, you’re probably wondering what in the world does Bob Dylan’s classic song have in common with the parking industry? Well, a couple things really. First, like the title suggests, the parking industry is going through massive changes. The entire foundation of the industry is shifting to keep up with ever-changing customer demands. The industry of today looks barely recognizable to what it did just 5 years ago. And second, much of the business models, equipment, and processes in the industry are still hold-overs from not much more recent times than when Bob Dylan recorded his song in 1964.

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PCI Compliance: Is the Spark Plug Connected to the Steering Wheel?

My wife recently bought a new a car. We traded in a “well-loved,” 10-year-old Honda Pilot for a brand-new GMC Yukon. She loves her new car, but we both hated the car buying process. From the haggling over price, to the hours of sitting at the dealer waiting to sign all the paperwork, it’s just not a fun way to spend a Saturday. But you know what would make the process even worse? What if the dealer, instead of driving a shiny new car out front for us with keys in-hand, just handed us a giant box of parts, which we then had to take home and put the car together ourselves? I consider myself somewhat handy, however, I know my limitations. I am not capable of building a car in my garage. And I don’t think there is a YouTube video long enough to walk me through that project.

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Cloud-Based Solutions vs. On-Premise in the Parking Industry

Sound familiar? It seems almost absurd we went through such an inefficient process just to watch a movie.
Nowadays, it is as simple as downloading an app, subscribing to a video streaming service, and hitting play (you still must pop your own popcorn, though). We take for granted that whenever you want a movie or TV show, you can watch it in a moment’s notice. But what makes that all possible? You guessed it: The Cloud.

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Brand Loyalty: Good Enough Just Ain’t Good Enough Anymore

Is it me, or have people just gotten short-tempered these days? It seems that every day there is another outrage or injustice broadcast across the social sphere. Whether a political rant, customer service complaint, or those darn kids walking across your lawn again, never has it been easier to voice displeasure with any perceived slight that has befallen us.

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Is Your Valet Operation Hospitality-centric?

Be our guest, be our guest! Put our service to the test! Who hasn’t caught themselves humming this catchy little ditty from “The Beauty and the Beast”? Sung by the flashy yet charming candelabra, Lumiere, the song espouses the importance of delivering impeccable hospitality. Even though the tune centers on the fine dining experience, the message should be extended to parking operators, who also run hospitality-focused operations.

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