FlashParking DIY Maintenance Handout

Traditionally, counting on your “local guy” was the only option an operator had when PARCS equipment broke down. Not anymore with FlashParking!

One of the key reasons many parking industry  professionals have chosen to partner with FlashParking, is that we have a completely different business model the than traditional model operators have been stuck with. FlashParking is challenging the long-held notion that inefficient, outdated, and just plain suboptimal processes are the way it must be. We’re not satisfied with that, and you shouldn’t be either.

There is a better way. This document explores just that.

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Cash Machine with BNR Product Sheet

Cash Machine with BNR Product Sheet

With FlashParking’s unique cash machine configuration options, managing cash is now a simple task. The cash machine was designed as an add-on component to our Smart Station. Activities associated with loading, emptying, and reconciling cash can increase labor costs. It’s built to provide all the cash-handling ability of a human cashier with increased security and cash management benefits.

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Multi-space Smart Station Product Sheet

Multi-space Smart Station Product Sheet

FlashPARCS’ Multi-Space Smart Station is an ideal choice for parking operators looking for a cost-effective way to increase revenue and reduce operational costs for off-street parking. Sporting an identical physical design as our Entry/ Exit Smart Station, the only difference for the multi-space unit is the software configuration for use.

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Wall Mount Smart Station Product Sheet

Wall Mount Smart Station Product Sheet

Wall Mount Smart Station brings together all the functionality enjoyed in our full-sized Smart Station, but in a compact unit. This fully-functional unit, perfect for tight spaces, can be bolted on to a garage wall or mounted on a pedestal, and is ideal for a venue looking for a pedestrian access kiosk.

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Want to see FlashParking in Action? Let us take you for a drive.

See for yourself how easy, intuitive, and powerful our valet and PARCS solutions are.


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