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Monitors for Vehicle Retrieval, Digital Rates, and Operations


The ability to communicate with your customers is a critical component in delivering a superior customer experience. That’s why FlashParking offers an assortment of digital monitors that help keep your customers informed in real-time. From a simple garage occupancy sign to an outdoor, dynamic digital rate sign, to a vehicle retrieval sign that keeps valet customers informed on wait times for their car–our monitors can be set-up for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Need a garage occupancy sign outdoors? No problem, all of our monitors can be installed for indoor and outdoor purposes. Our digital rates signs can also be hung vertically or horizontally for the best user interaction.

Digital Rate Sign
We are excited to now be offering a dynamic digital rate sign that can be hung horizontally as well as vertically. The digital rate sign is connected to the FlashParking platform allowing for the display of information in real-time, including dynamic rates. Managed through the FlashParking app, the digital rate sign can be toggled to display an array of screens from Full to Special Event Rates. Managing rates has never been so easy!
Operations Queue Monitor
Equipment errors and issues are just part of the business, but the key to running a smooth operation is how quickly those issues can be resolved. Enter the Operational Queue monitor: providing an operational dashboard of vital information, operators and asset owners can now respond to equipment notifications–like empty paper, full cash box, or credit-card error–in real-time.
Vehicle Retrieval Monitor

Waiting for the valet to pull your car around is inevitable but wondering how long it’s going to take is often more frustrating than the waiting itself. FlashParking’s Vehicle Retrieval monitor takes out the guessing and informs your guests where they are in the vehicle retrieval line as well as an approximate wait time.

What we’ve seen with Flash has been really remarkable. It’s been one of the only solutions we’ve ever installed, and not had one service or support call 6 months down the road.
Ryan Hunt

Preesident of Premier Parking

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