On-demand Webinar: Tips & Tricks to Keep Calm and Rock Reports

Keep Calm & Rock Reports: Tips & Tricks to Make Better Decisions with Better Parking Reports

Who: Allison Noblitt, FlashParking’s resident training rockstar
What’s Covered:
In this 45 minute-webcast, Allison will share her own personal tips & tricks to reporting, including:

  • A quick overview of the various types of reports available in the FlashParking portal, including Summary, Detail, Revenue, and Activity to name a few!
  • Assistance in helping you identify┬áthe target audience for each report type
  • An overview of the 9 reports that will change your life (includes FlashValet and FlashPARCS)
  • Insider tips on each report that both you and your boss need to know
  • And much more!

At the end of the webcast, there will be a Q&A session with both Allison Noblitt and CEO, Juan Rodriguez answering all your reporting questions.

And remember rock on and keep calm!