FlashPARCS in Action

Assembled in the USA

Access control is the name of the game in garage parking, but legacy equipment is expensive and difficult to maintain. That is until now -- FlashPARCS’ Smart Station brings together your essential parking access components into a single elegant solution. The Smart Station is designed to give your customers the best parking experience possible, while also meeting the demands of your parking facility. Add to that, our Smart Stations are fully assembled in the U.S.A.

3 ways our Smart Station will put you back in control:

One Machine for All Your Needs
The Smart Station simplifies parking access equipment by having one machine that can be configured as an entry, exit, or as a pay on foot/display/or plate kiosk.
USB-based Components
All peripherals on the Smart Station are part of our Plug and Play (USB-based) system making maintenance easy while minimizing downtime.
With FlashPARCS’ Emergency Kit, a parking operator can replace key USB-based parts in a matter of minutes, thus minimizing down time.
FlashPARCS Smart Station

How FlashPARCS works:

How FlashPARCS Works
Pull up to Smart Station.
Choose entry method:
  • Swipe credit card
  • Enter mobile number
  • Tap prox card
  • Hit button to “Get Ticket”
When ready to leave, pay at a Pay on Foot kiosk or pull up to the Smart Station and exit using the same method as entry:
  • Swipe credit card used
  • Enter mobile number
  • Tap prox card
  • Scan barcoded ticket
If there are charges, the Smart Station tells you amount owed. You will be asked to scan any validations. Gate opens after payment transaction.
  • If there are no charges, the gate will pop open to let you leave.

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