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Product Overview

What is FlashPARCS?
FlashPARCS enables you to manage your parking access and revenue control – all from the cloud. Designed as an all-in-one system, FlashPARCS’ Smart Station integrates entry, exit, and pay-on-foot devices into a single unit, and gains its intelligence from our Smart Cloud platform. This means less time supporting and maintaining hardware and software, and more time to manage your parking business and connect with customers in real time – from anywhere.
What does PARCS stand for?
PARCS is an acronym for Parking Access Revenue Control System, which is the phrase commonly used by parking operators to describe the suite of hardware and software used to manage and operate their business.
What does it mean to be “cloud-based”?
Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and software over the Internet instead of using your server’s hard drive; the cloud enables data and software to be accessed from anywhere and at any time. In FlashParking's context, cloud-based means using Microsoft's Azure cloud.
What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?
Traditional PARCS systems require you to purchase and install proprietary software onto your on-site server. In comparison, FlashPARCS’ Software as a Service (SaaS) model hosts and manages customized software all from the cloud. It is made available to customers over the Internet for a monthly fee, like Quickbooks Online or SalesForce.com.

Hardware & Software

What is a Smart Station?
By combining entry, exit, and pay-on-foot device hardware—like the credit card reader, ticket dispenser, barcode scanner, RFID reader, and receipt printer—we do away with expensive, proprietary hardware and give you and your guests an all-in-one device.
Is there really no need for a ticket dispenser?
Yes, your customers can use their credit card as their ticket by swiping their card upon entry or they can press a button and get a ticket. No more bent tickets; no more demagnetized tickets; no more cardstock printers that easily jam — just a simpler, more secure, and easily maintainable parking access system.
What if I am not ready to use credit card swipe upon entry as a form of ticket, instead of paper tickets used today?
That’s okay, instead of entry and exit using a credit card, you can opt to use encrypted barcoded tickets to be printed upon entry. When your guest leaves they scan the ticket using the barcode scanner.
What happens if there is an Internet outage?
FlashPARCS’ system LTE/3G router acts as a back-up network in case of Internet outages, ensuring continuous operation for your facilities, and access to your data.

Security & Fraud Prevention

Is credit card information secure?
All FlashParking solutions are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. When customers swipe their credit card to enter and/or exit a parking facility, the credit card info is encrypted at the head of the credit card reader. This means the instant the credit card is swiped, the financial data is encrypted and uploaded to a PCI DSS payment gateway, which is also a PCI Level 1 service provider. Sensitive information is never housed in the machines or on-site at the parking facility.
What happens if there’s an error reading the customer’s credit card?
A guest can push the attendant button, and one of your operators will be able to remotely help guests.
What happens if you lose your credit card used to gain entry to the garage?
If guests lose the credit card that they used to enter the facility, the FlashPARCS’ Smart Station will prompt them with a “Lost Ticket” button, and they will have several options:
1) A guest can swipe another credit card with the same name as the credit card originally swiped. FlashPARCS’ intelligent system can identify the guest and calculate an accurate parking rate from time of entry.
2) A guest can push the attendant button, and one of your operators will be able to walk guests through the process.
Does FlashPARCS have an anti-pass back technology?
Yes, FlashPARCS incorporates many anti-fraudulent services, including anti-pass back technology. Our system is configurable and we can set many different configurations for “anti-pass back” and anti-fraudulent logic.

Installation & Cost

How is FlashPARCS installed?
Installation is easy as 1, 2, 3!
1) Connect the Power
2) Connect the Internet
3) Works with existing gates or install new barrier gates and done!
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Will FlashPARCS work with pre-existing gates?
Yes, FlashPARCS works with pre-existing barrier gates and loops. Our certified technicians can easily configure and connect your current system with our Smart Station. If new barrier gates and loops are needed, FlashPARCS can be installed with a number of commonly used barrier gates.
How much it will cost to install FlashPARCS?
For info on pricing out FlashPARCS for your location/venue, please contact email sales@flashparking.com or call 1-800-213-3706.

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