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Product Overview

What is FlashValet?
FlashValet is an iOS-based app that helps you manage your valet operation. Features include: • Track employee clocking in/clocking out and generating shift summaries • Fast ticket tracking using barcoded tickets • On-the-drive mobile payment solution • Real time reports (revenue reports, valet activity reports, vehicle activity reports)
Do you have a ticketless valet option?
We do offer a ticketless valet option that is seamlessly integrated. The Ticketless Module can be added to your existing FlashValet subscription, allowing you to run traditional ticketed valet alongside ticketless. With Ticketless, you’ll use reusable keytags and the customer’s mobile number to link their keytag to their vehicle in the system.
What does it mean to be “cloud-based”?
Being cloud-based allows our system to run using an internet connection with no need for bulky servers and hardware, reducing infrastructure costs. This also means that FlashValet can be used anywhere with an internet connection, providing flexibility for our customers.
What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?
FlashValet does not require you to purchase and install proprietary software onto your on-site server. In comparison, FlashValet’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model hosts and manages customized software all from the cloud. It is made available to customers over the Internet for a monthly fee, like Quickbooks Online or SalesForce.com.

Hardware & Software

What are my options?
  • iPod 5th Gen
  • iPhone 5/5s
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6/6s
  • iPhone 7
  • iPad 2/iPad 4/iPad Air/iPad Pro 9.7/iPad Mini
Scanning Equipment:
  • Linea Pro 5 1D w/MSR
  • Linea Pro 5 MSR only
  • Linea Pro 6 1D w/MSR
  • Linea Pro 6 MSR only
  • Infinea Tab 2/4
  • Infinea Tab M
What if I want printed receipts for my valet customers?
Supported Bluetooth printers:
  • Epson TM-P60II
  • Epson TM-P20
Can I run my valet operation with just an iPhone or iPad?
Absolutely. The FlashValet App has a built-in camera scanner that will automatically read your barcoded tickets. If you will not be taking credit card payments through our system, there’s no need for a peripheral scanner.
What kinds of reports does FlashValet provide?
FlashValet offers dozens of real-time reports—from credit cards processed to valet retrieval time and everything in between. We offer high level summaries, granular transaction details, valet performance, vehicle flow and more.

Security & Fraud Prevention

Is credit card information secure?
All FlashParking solutions are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. When your team swipes the customer’s credit card on the FlashValet device, the credit info is encrypted at the head of the credit card reader. This means the instant the credit card is swiped, the financial data is encrypted and uploaded to a PCI DSS payment gateway, which is also a Level 1 certified service. Sensitive information is never housed in the devices or on-site at the parking facility.
Are you PCI compliant?
Yes! For Flash Parking, security is always top of mind. We are a Level 1 Service Provider from a PCI standpoint which is the highest security standard available from a credit card processing perspective. With our PCI certification, the majority of the burden to be PCI compliance relies on FlashParking and not you the parking operator. If you need a copy of our PCI Attestation of Compliance “AOC”, please email support@flashparking.com. CLICK HERE to watch a video about how FlashParking is a PCI Level 1 service provider.
Do you keep records of customer personal information?
We do not. Our equipment is encrypted at the head which means we do not ever have a saved record of credit card data. We use tokenization to process refunds.

Installation & Cost

What is the pricing?
It all depends on your current valet operation. We offer flexible pricing that supports different business models and venue sizes. Click here to view our pricing guidelines, and contact us today for a quote, and one of our sales representatives will work with you to determine the solution that best suits your business (sales@flashparking.com).
How long does the setup process take?
We can enable your locations and valets as soon as same day. All you need to get started is an iOS device, tickets or stickers with FlashValet instructions, and a data plan.
Is there a high learning curve for my valet attendants to learn how to use the system?
Not at all. We provide online videos that show step-by-step how to use our system. Your staff can be trained in minutes, not days.

There’s more to learn, please let us help!