FlashValet Capabilities

FlashValet is a robust solution full of powerful capabilities. The following is an exhaustive list that will give you an idea how FlashValet will be able to help you best manage your operations:

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General Operations
Parking mode options Valet, event and self-park app configuration options are available for any venue and surface lot/garage type.
Vehicle tracking Track every parked vehicle, including arrival time, make & model, valet staff, amount and method of payment, and departure time. Know exactly when your busiest times are and who your most efficient runners are.
Transient parker management Track everything from guest arrival, calculated rates, text ahead vehicle retrieval, calculated rates and revenue tracking with FlashValet.
Overnight Guest Parker Management Manage your guest experience from arrival to departure with FlashValet.
Monthly parker Issue a non-intrusive decal barcode and track all vehicle movement for your monthly parkers. The system also allows you to manage all monthly parker accounts online, including registration, invoicing, automatic billing, and prorated billing. 
Ticket scanning & vehicle info entry with VIN scanning Automate ticket entry by scanning the barcode on the tickets. Eliminate paper-based vehicle tracking, and enter all vehicle information directly into the FlashValet app. The make and model via VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) barcode scanning, plus color, license number and other useful information can be collected directly in the FlashValet app linked to the issued ticket number.
Issue tickets via Bluetooth printer This allows for issuing of tickets from a mobile bluetooth printer for situations where a printed ticket is required.
Ticketless valet Provides the ability to issue a virtual ticket via SMS, or via FlashParking Mobile App - available at end of Q1-2017.
Fast ticket scanning for large volume locations Great for high volume or event locations.
Revenue control Account for every vehicle payment transaction regardless of the form of payment (cash, credit card, check, front desk, PayPal, validation or pre-paid eParking Online Reservations). With access to real-time activity information, you can keep an eye on your business and eliminate manual ticket inventory and end-of-shift reconciliation.
Digital VDS (Vehicle Damage Survey) FlashValet provides an interactive vehicle illustration for marking damaged areas on the iOS device screen along with time stamp. Each digital image is automatically linked to the ticket number and stored in the cloud for 30 days. 
Digital Photo VDS (Vehicle Damage Survey) Eliminate costly false claims or substantiate valid claims of vehicle damage with the option to take and store time-stamped photos of each vehicle upon arrival or departure. Each picture is automatically linked to the ticket number and stored in the cloud for 30 days. 
Video VDS (Vehicle Damage Survey) via high definition multi-camera video recording 2 MEGA NSPEX Stix - 3 MegaPixel recessed video cameras with 3.7mm MegaPixel lens embedded are installed at each entry lane to record any previous damage. Coupled with 8 channel 4Tb Auto-sensing Universal HD-SdI DVR stores all your recorded video data for historical data look up of all vehicles parking at your property.
Key tracking management within multiple zones This feature allows operators to keep track of vehicles and keys and where keys are located, whether keys are kept at podium, key room or at vehicle. FlashValet helps track different parking areas thus streamlining the vehicle retrieval process, and tracking of keys.
Ticket ranges set-up The FlashValet Solution establishes a range of tickets for the different ticket types (i.e. Transient vs. Overnight) so that operators can then have access to accurate reports, and flag any discrepancies.
Track front parks Know what vehicles are parked out front and track duration of stay.
Automated alerts and email notifications FlashValet has the ability to send automated notifications when out-of-the-norm situations are detected. This way your management team can be aware of special situations even when the are not onsite.
Occupancy tracking Maximize occupancy with this feature by knowing in real-time any capacity constraints or space availability.
Restricted access based on user profile Operator admin has full control over a user profile's access.
Complete historical records of each tickets Our system tracks historical records of each ticket.
Broadcasting between locations General information or emergency alerts can be broadcast to other valet stands for back-up support. Think of it as your own FlashValet chat channel.
Manual Validations For those situations where stamps or manager signatures are still in use. FlashValet can help track and report on manual validations.
Electronic Validations Our most popular and efficient validation mode is electronic validations. This feature allows for anyone with the proper permissions to validate electronically by either logging on through any browser (PC, Phone or Tablet), logging to our iOS App or by simply sending a text message.
Barcoded Preprinted Validations The ability to print barcoded validations from a regular office printer is also available. These can be printed individually or in bulk.
Validation wallet This allows for a registered validator to pre-purchase validations on-demand to fund their validation wallet and use as needed.This feature will available in Q1-2017 via the FlashParking App.
Hospitality-centric Features
Hotel PMS (Property Management System) integration With FlashValet PMS integration hotel properties with compatible PMS systems can add another level of customer service and revenue control with Guest look up, Bill to Room, Overnight parking fee posting and more.
Hotel arrival guest list Track vehicle movement, link residents to their specific vehicles and allow them to request their vehicles from their mobile phones and more.
Condo/Residents Module Track vehicle movement, link residents to their specific vehicles and allow them to request their vehicles from their mobile phones and more.
In-app vehicle request schedule Guests have the option to schedule in advance their vehicle request pick-up time.
Front desk or PBX operator remote vehicle request via browser No longer will your guests be passed around from front desk or PBX operator to valet and back again if no one answers at valet desk. With this functionality anyone attending the guest will have the ability to take ownership of the vehicle request and rout it to the valet in an orderly manner.
Prepaid overnight with in and out privileges For those situations where pre-paid parking is a requirement, FlashValet creates a virtual account that's pre-funded by parking guests from where fees are deducted on a nightly basis, while also providing the ability to allow in and out privileges.
Dedicated text (SMS) number per property Each FlashValet location is assigned a unique FlashValet number dedicated to that venue for enabling vehicle request via text.
Vehicle request via text This allows for ease of vehicle request from your guest with a simple text message. Customized instructions for texting can be included with your valet claim check portion of your ticket.
Vehicle request by calling IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Customers also have the ability to request their vehicle by calling a unique FlashValet number dedicated to that venue via our automated IVR system.
Valet Monitor Broadcast vehicle request status on a large screen monitor so your guest know at all time where they are in the vehicle retrieval process. Also provides your management team the ability to keep an eye on retrieval times.
Automated, customized texting or IVR messages Each message communication can be customized to your needs (maximum of 160 characters for text (SMS)).
Simple text survey (on avg. over >60% participation) Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ experience with automatic surveys. Customers that take advantage of the mobile request feature will be prompted to rate the quality of service by responding to a simple survey and have the ability to add comments. The FlashValet survey will not only provide you with valuable feedback from your guests, but it also has the capability to provide you with insightful information on how your valet personnel is performing by tracking who parked and/or retrieved vehicles, who was the Captain/Manager in charge, and much more.
Return date selection Great feature for airport locations that need to manage their manifesto to allow for better planning, staffing and for those that deliver ancillary services such as car wash, oil change, and more.
Airline selection Allows for airline selection within App when this is applicable to your operations.
Payments, Credit Cards & Security
Encrypted credit card payment devices All credit card devices provided by FlashValet are provided with key injection from our gateway provider (USAePAY https://usaepay.info/about-us/partners/) for a complete encrypted transaction from end to end. This means all personal credit card information is securely transferred between the involved payment services.
PCI compliance FlashParking is a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant platform. All FlashParking payment partners (USAePAY https://usaepay.info/about-us/security/ and Microsoft Azzure https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/azure-validated-for-pci-dss-compliance/) are also PCI compliant service providers. CLICK HERE to watch a video about how FlashParking is a PCI Level 1 service provider.
Mobile payments FlashValet gives your guests the ability to pay from their phone after requesting vehicle via text (SMS).
Pay on foot - valet kiosk Provide your guests with the ability to pay via Credit Card of Cash as their vehicle is automatically requested after payment is completed at pay on foot valet kiosk station. This means you can now free your valet team so they can really focus on parking and retrieving vehicles, instead of collecting and tracking payments.
Receipts Via text, email, and Bluetooth printer.
Multiple tender types Cash, Credit Card, Check, Voucher and more.
Full and partial refunds Your personnel will have the ability to provide refunds or partial refunds depending on your configuration.
Tip tracking Tip tracking via the FlashValet system can be turned on or off by management.
Monitoring app Log into any of your locations to view real-time activity, change rates, assist with vehicle processing during peak times, track employee time & attendance, and more.
Online real-time reports The old days of having to remote desktop into servers is long gone. With FlashValet you have the ability to access all of your reports in real-time from any browser.
Automated scheduled reports Don't have the time to access our extensive library of reports on a daily basis? No problem. All you need to do is schedule the reports you are interested in seeing on a daily basis, and FlashValet will automatically email these directly to your inbox.
Online and 1-800 support 24/7/365
Onsite support Cost varies depending on area and specific requirements.
iOS Devices FlashValet runs on Apple iOS devices (iPhone 5 and above and/or iPad mini and Air).
Linea Pro for iPhone and Infinea Tab for iPad Designed for the Apple® iPhone or iPad, the Linea Pro and Infinea Tab are a combination barcode scanner and magnetic card swipe reader that connect through Apple’s Lightning Connector allowing credit card processing and scanning of barcoded tickets, barcoded monthly decal and key tag, barcoded VIN (Vehicle Identiification Number to autopopulate vehicle make and model), pre-paid Online Reservation vouchers, and pre-printed barcoded validations.
iOS camera scanning enabled All scanning functionality available with the Linea Pro for iPhone, and infinea Tab for iPad can also be done using the iPhone or iPad camera.
Bluetooth printer The Epson TM-P60II printer allows for issuing of paper tickets for valet and self park locations. You can also print receipts and issue parking citations, as well as print barcoded ID tags for valet runners.
Pay on Foot - valet kiosk "Smart Station kiosk Interactive, customizable touch display Receipt printer Credit card payment acceptance (with bill acceptor also available) Barcode scanner Intercom with mic, speaker, and camera Smart Router with 4G/LTE backup modem"
Valet monitor Each monitor requires a Flash Valet high-definition video computer + TV monitor, TV mount and outdoor cover – when applicable.
List of Integrations
PARCS Systems Seamless integration with our award-winning PARCS solution -- FlashPARCS.
Electronic (eParking) Online Reservations SpotHero, ParkWhiz, Parking Panda, ParkJockey, LAZGo, CLICK & PARK, AIRPORT Parking, and others.
Airport Online Reservations Travelers can pre-purchase parking via an online parking reservation tool, which will ensure there is parking available. Integration supports SpotHero, ParkWhiz, Parking Panda, ParkJockey, LAZGo, CLICK & PARK, AIRPORT Parking, and others.
PMS Systems Galaxy Lightspeed, Micros OPERA, Infor, and more.
Gateway Provides connectivity into a customer's preferred merchant processor.
Data-warehouse/Business Intelligence Directly connected to several ERP’s and data warehouses for direct transfer of key data points.
Smarking Yes.

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