Wave-activated Motion Sensor

Put Customers' Safety First with this Modern Touchless Ticketing Experience


Pushing a button for a ticket has always been closely tied to the parking experience. However, as society moves to become more aware and cautious of our interactions with devices, the need for a touchless alternative that instills confidence and puts safety first is mandatory.

FlashMotion, a wave-activated sensor, is a safe and convenient way to add a touchless ticket option, eliminating the need for parkers to touch and tap screens when they pull up to entry kiosks. 

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When used in conjunction with mobile payments, FlashMotion is part of an end-to-end touchless parking experience that meets today’s consumer demands.


Motion-activated goods and services are second nature to consumers today, so being prompted to wave rather than tap is a simple transition that makes the entire interaction feel safer.


Minimizing device contact helps ensure the safety and health of consumers and operator employees.

How It Works

FlashMotion sensors are installed discreetly on the face of existing FlashParking entry kiosks.

      1. When a parker pulls up to an entry kiosk, they simply wave their hand over the red FlashMotion sensor.
      2. When the sensor is triggered, the round-sensor will turn from red to green and dispense a ticket
      3. Upon pulling the ticket, the gate vends.

To watch FlashMotion in action, click here.

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See how a parking management system that leverages the technology of today can help you create an experience that’s fit for tomorrow.