The beauty of FlashParking is in its powerful simplicity. From our parking control equipment to our cloud-based platform, we’ve built our business model on keeping it simple, because we understand that translates to time and money saved.

to cloud-based solutions
No more crashing servers or keeping software compliant – we do all that for you! We run in the cloud so all our parking equipment is future ready for whatever comes around the parking bend.
to direct sales model
Like Tesla, we’ve done away with the middle men and sell direct to our customers. It’s just simpler that way. Our parking equipment purchasing process is quick and easy, and our promise to you is to never give you the run around.
to easy maintenance
Today's customer demands intuitive and easy-to-maintain parking control equipment. We deliver on that promise by forgoing proprietary hardware for iOS-based valet equipment and a parking access kiosk with USB-based parts.
to transparent pricing
In an industry known for exorbitant start-up and maintenance fees, we deliver on the promise by offering transparent pricing. Our goal is to get your operations and parking control equipment up and running as cost-effectively as possible, not to keep you in the dark.
to parking in a flash
Let’s face it, you make money when you are up and running, and not a minute before. At FlashParking, we feel the need for speed, and have built that into our business from start (quote) to finish (installation).
to future ready
In today's technology driven world, the minute you buy hardware it's as if it's already obsolete. Not with FlashPARCS. We've built our Smart Station to be future ready both on a hardware and software front, because we know if you can't adapt you die.