6 Benefits of Digital Payments for Municipalities

Digital payments are a powerful tool for municipalities to reach modern users and take control of operations. From scan-to-pay signs to digital ticket takeover to paying in advance via reservation apps, digital payment solutions are undoubtedly the future of every successful parking operation.

But there are unique benefits for municipalities, particularly those making strides towards becoming a smart city.

Digital is the New Norm

Digital is the expectation for modern users. In the realm of mobility, that can range from planning trips via bus, mapping out a drive across town, and today – finding a place to park.

Municipalities that offer digitally-enhanced parking services have the ability to appeal to today’s modern, tech-savvy users, whether they’re taking advantage of off-street facilities for their daily commute or hourly on street parking for running an errand.

Automate to Focus on What Matters

Staffing is a major concern across the parking industry. For municipalities, digital payments allow for unmanned kiosks, enabling longer hours of operation and facilitating off-hours fleet support while allowing city employees to dedicate their time to more impactful projects.

Safety & Security

Relying on digital payments also enhances safety and security due to the lack of cash transactions. By reducing the presence of cash inside kiosks, you minimize the risk of theft or tampering. For health-conscious individuals, digital payments also offer a touchless way to pay.

Increase Utilization

Integrations with top wayfinding and event ticketing apps makes municipal parking the top choice for festivals, concerts, and sporting events. Today’s consumers are more likely to plan their trips in advance, so visibility on booking platforms is key.

Plus, for users, planning ahead allows for greater price transparency. Some advanced reservation platforms even provide access to “time to leave” alerts as well as turn-by-turn parking directions.

Become a Smart City

Embracing technology is a pivotal part of the smart city transition. Digital payments are commonplace today and preferred by modern consumers. Forward thinking municipal leaders are implementing technology that allows for digital-enabled transactions to support smart city initiatives in addition to parking. Smart, digital-enabled parking is a necessary precursor for the most in-demand services of tomorrow, like autonomous vehicle parking and EV charging.

Be Future Ready

Setting up the infrastructure for digital payments also opens the door for new, emerging services like EV charging. These kinds of future-ready offerings rely on digital parking infrastructure as the foundation for transactions, from booking and reservations through access and payment.

Is your city offering digital ways to find, book, and pay for parking? If not, let us know. We’d love to talk about potential solutions and benefits for your local parking operation.