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What We Offer

Our suite of parking, valet, and event technology was designed for the 21st century with adaptability, reliability, and versatility in mind. Cloud-based parking systems run on simple hardware to power the solutions you need today and to grow the value of your investment – and your asset – for the future.


Parking Systems

Powerful software for an agile and customizable solution.

Access and Revenue Control

More effectively manage permissions and collect revenue with touchless mobile access and payment options, ticketless entry and validations, and IoT connectivity.


Contactless payments, touchless check-in, and text for vehicle are just a few of the features that make our valet system a leader in hospitality operations across the country. All you need to get started is an iPad with the FlashValet app.


Manage high-volume events with ease. Our mobile-based approach to event parking will streamline payment and access while ensuring that guests enjoy a first-rate experience from the moment they enter your facility.


Designed with simplicity for longevity.


Our line of kiosks is designed to be adaptable and future ready. Software is what gives our solutions most of their functionality, so the physical components are practically identical.


Our parking systems are compatible with most gates on the market today. However, we recommend industry standard Magnetic gates, which have the fastest vend times and most reliability.

Cash Machines

For cash-handling abilities, simply add on a cash machine to any of our kiosks. Cash machines can be used with or without a Bank Note Recycler (BNR) for exact change only.


An ecosystem of services to diversify with.

Smart Parking

Our smart parking CoLaborators enhance the modern parking experience with services like frictionless eParking reservations, sensor-based systems for access and wayfinding, dynamic digital signage options, and customer support systems.

Transportation Integrations

Become a hub for all the many modes of mobility consumers have access to today by offering charging and staging for alternative transportation modes like eScooters and electric vehicles.

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See for yourself how easy, intuitive, and powerful our valet, event, and PARCS solutions are. 

FlashParking’s future-ready platform allows me the agility to meet current customer demands.
Joel Christensen
CEO & Founder, Parkwell Management