7 Innovative Technologies Disrupting the Parking Industry

Every industry, from education to automotive, is rapidly evolving with innovative new technologies that are improving efficiency, reducing human error, and pushing us into the future. The parking industry is no different.

For years, parking operators and managers have lagged behind with outdated technology that constantly malfunctions, glitches, and requires costly updates. Businesses at the cutting edge of the parking industry are improving oversight, simplifying management, and increasing revenue control more effectively than ever before by utilizing these high-tech capabilities:

    1. Cloud Computing: Cloud-based software permits enhanced scalability, redundancy, and minimal maintenance.
      • FlashParking was built from the ground-up utilizing the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, which today powers 90% of Fortune 500 Companies. The immense benefits enjoyed by parking operators who trust a reliable cloud-based system include…
        • Enhanced Scalability – Cloud-based systems are easy to scale up or down as demand changes. With flexible programming, clouds systems will work for any-size establishment and are ready to grow and evolve as you do.
        • Simple Redundancy – Programming on cloud-based software is simple to mirror on new setups. Whether your system expands, changes, or experiences unexpected data loss, the cloud stores all your information online so it is easily accessible for transfer to new installations.
        • Minimal Maintenance – With the ability to remotely perform software updates, a cloud-based system ensures that your system is constantly running at peak efficiency and is always equipped with the latest technology.


    1. Bluetooth: Bluetooth simplifies garage interactions for seamless access and a convenient payment experience.
      • The integration of cutting edge Bluetooth technology in FlashParking systems is making the process of rolling down the window to pull tickets, pay, or scan prox cards a thing of the past.


    1. Radio-frequency identification (RFID): RFID technology allows for a fast, east entry and exit experience that satisfies parkers.
      • Boasting user-friendly RFID card features, FlashParking kiosks trigger gates to open instantly upon sensing the radio waves of a user’s RFID tag.


    1. Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and License Plate Recognition (LPR): These advanced vehicle recognition technologies further improve ease of entry and exit for visitors.
      • FlashParking implements these innovative tools, which can identify a vehicle’s license plate number or vehicle make and model, to provide automatic gate access, simplified payment systems, and refine management capabilities.


    1. Mobile Payments: Having mobile payment options available makes it easy for long or short term parkers to pay quickly and conveniently—reducing lines at exit points.
      • Mobile payment options are becoming a standard expectation of guests in venues—from retail to restaurants—and parking should be no different. FlashParking offers the mobile payment features your visitors want for a blissfully forgettable parking experience.


    1. Electronic Validations: The convenience of electronic validations encourages visitors to park and makes tenant venues more accessible.
      • FlashParking’s consolidated electronic validations system simplifies the validation process for visitors, simplifies payment for your tenants, and simplifies billing for you.


  1. eParking Reservations: Apps like SpotHero and ParkWhiz help users find available parking spots and view rates at garages and lots.
    • Parkers around the country are using these apps to find parking every day. Increase the visibility of your garages and lots with FlashParking’s unique presence on the apps that will direct users straight to you.