Are You Ready, Willing and Able To Be a Leader In The Smart Parking Revolution?

History shows that in times of crisis, businesses that focus on aggressively tackling and overcoming challenges are seen not only as victors but as leaders. At FlashParking, we see the road ahead of us and recognize the challenges to come. We’ve assembled a war chest of parking technologies and connected partnerships that ensure victory for stakeholders, commuters, and the smart cities of the future.

Change is inevitable, and adaptation is critical for the survival of both business and our culture. Commuters are demanding a revolution in parking and mobility, and we have the tools and the roadmap to lead the way. FlashParking empowers stakeholders with the most powerful and intelligent tools in the parking industry, informing and enabling real-time adaptability to increase parking revenue potential.

In today’s bold new era of instant connectivity and nearly unlimited bandwidth for communication, travel, and learning, why are our parking lots still in the dark ages? Parking and technology should no longer be mutually-exclusive terms

How Can a Parking Management System Future-Proof My Business?

Business owners are under immense pressure to stay relevant in order to survive in today’s highly competitive consumer market. FlashParking’s cloud-based management systems breathe new life into outdated platforms by enabling owners and operators to stay fresh and flexible, giving their customers what they need—exactly when they need it. We see past the sandwich boards and bleak slabs of lined concrete to a future where smart parking and mobility hubs work together to transform dead spaces into thriving centers of urban life.

Our groundbreaking suite of parking management solutions offers a better return on investment through intelligent and timely response to consumer demand. From on-the-fly price adjustments to repurposing unused space as safe rideshare staging, FlashParking maximizes revenue potential at every turn. 

What can we do now? Does it make sense to build the smart parking lot of the future when people are still locked inside, riding out the pandemic? In fact: it makes more sense to tackle these issues now than ever before. By setting sights on the future and the inevitable rebound of our urban cores, parking asset owners will play an active role in restructuring how mobility looks in our cities.

Modern Solutions To Old Problems

People will always be parking their cars, but how will they find their spots? How will they pay at the kiosks? What happens when most cars become electric, and charging is as (if not more) sought-after than the parking spot itself? If you’re not thinking about these types of questions all day, every day, we have good news for you: we are.

Parking assets are poised, literally and figuratively, at the very center of the burgeoning mobility revolution. Prime locations and an excess of space and capacity make parking assets the ideal setting to enable the rapidly growing mobility ecosystem. Empty lots and garages can readily provide space to get cars off the streets and scooters off the busy city sidewalks. Consumers and commuters alike want and will continue to use every mobility option at their disposal. The choice is yours: Your lot can dwell in the past, offering a single solution for those simply parking their cars, or you can present a host of modern mobility solutions all under one roof.

Upgrading your asset with FlashParking’s hardware and software solutions will future-proof and enhance your offerings. Join the parking and mobility revolution today, so you’re not scrambling to catch up with the competition tomorrow.

How To Grow Your Parking Business

To unlock your parking asset’s full potential, we need to understand three key parking infrastructure elements first: technological influence, intelligent structural adaptation, and customer experience.

The Power of Technological Influence

Consumer behavior is affected by an endless number of factors, from weather to the stock market. One of the most powerful influencers of consumer behavior is the advancement of technology and its effect on users’ daily lives. As smartphones and ubiquitous wi-fi and connectedness ushered in expectations of mobile-enabled experiences at every turn of modern life, parking failed to heed the call—until now. 

As the public adapts to the post-pandemic “new normal,” there will be novel expectations in touchless technology as well. The ability to add innovative modules such as touchless parking and payments is a key element of FlashParking’s mission to offer flexibility and growth-potential. 

“58% of consumers who have used contactless payments in the past say they are more likely to use them now than ever before.”

Intelligent Structural Adaptation

Changing environments require structural adaptation. As parking lots and garages offer new services and opportunities to commuters, once isolated parking assets are now evolving into connected mobility hubs. Infrastructure must be reconfigured to support these new revenue streams, as well as future technologies, as they arrive. We’re leading the charge in parking hardware and cloud-based remote hardware management solutions, so your lot is never without the functionality that your customers demand.

Physiology and Subconscious Experience 

Although customers might not notice it at first, FlashParking’s integrated hardware and software solutions work together seamlessly to provide a smarter and more connected experience both in the garage and in the cloud. The single, familiar interface for all mobility needs is what will keep customers coming back and seeing your asset as the center of their commuting lives, not just as a place to park their cars.

The Playbook

Based on existing data and analysis of success outside of the parking industry, we’ve discovered and highlighted five key areas of focus and action. Where technology, structure, and physiology provide guidance for strategic moves towards prosperity, the Playbook is where we put ideas into action.

“My goal as an operator is to curate and package parking and mobility services that best meet the needs of a specific location. FlashParking’s future-ready platform allows me the agility to meet current customer demands, like eParking Reservations, and the flexibility to be prepared for the future with contactless access.”

Versatility: Your First Line Of Defense 

The first line of defense, whether in or out of crisis mode, is adaptation. Traditional parking structures offer little to no ability to adapt to consumer needs in real-time. The days of a staffer hastily crossing out and changing hourly rates with a big fat Sharpie are gone. FlashParking enables price changes remotely through its FlashOS platform. Your parking asset’s true potential can’t be achieved without the proper technology to enable instant analysis, guidance, and action. Fortunately, parking infrastructure is among the most versatile real estate imaginable, with usage potential only limited by your own creativity and willingness to abandon antiquated notions and embrace modern tech. 

Think outside of the thin yellow lines to unlock overlooked opportunities through the use of leading-edge technologies and hardware integrations. With FlashParking, your asset can serve as an active platform for many new revenue streams:

          • Offer new mobility options such as designated rideshare pick-up and drop-off locations.
          • Assign zones to function as docking stations for last-mile solutions such as eScooters and rented bicycles.
          • Repurpose seldom-used areas of your lot for the servicing and cleaning of truck or rental car fleets.
          • Add increasingly valuable electric vehicle charging stations to attract new, eco-conscious customers.
          • Partner with logistic and delivery services (e.g. dry cleaning and package lockers).

By moving the technology out of dated ticketing machines and into a cloud-based model, parking operations are enhanced and simplified, elevating the customer experience while providing a cost-effective, streamlined process for operators.

Be Responsive, Be Reactive

With technology moving forward at an accelerated pace, businesses must remain agile and responsive to changing demands. By leveraging solutions expressly built for cloud use, FlashParking enables owners to remotely operate, maintain, update, and repair parking software and hardware. 

Your second offensive maneuver is investing in agility- and capacity-building. Use “over-the-air” updates to quickly add functionality as new opportunities are found and where existing opportunities have been neglected. Ditch those costly and unreliable onsite cash machines and servers for leading-edge tech that grows with and adapts to your customers’ needs.

“The FlashParking system is built to integrate with outside parties, and it was architected like we built our own technology: easy to add onto, able to quickly grow and scale. It’s more than just a parking system, and it enables us to improve our customer’s experience while future-proofing our facilities.”

Measurability and Metrics

In today’s bold new era of instant connectivity and nearly unlimited bandwidth for communication, travel, and learning, why are so many parking lots still in the dark ages? Parking and technology should no longer be mutually-exclusive terms.

FlashParking’s management solutions deliver meaningful and actionable insights that inform and guide decisions now and in the future. FlashOS is the digital dashboard where owners dive deep into insights and analytics to view real-time reports on revenue, occupancy, and equipment health. The ability to identify and take action on specific geographic and localized opportunities increases usage and grows revenue. The immediacy of information minimizes losses, while new opportunities are seized and capitalized on with the utmost efficiency and timeliness.

If we can land a man on the moon, we should be able to keep your parking lot full by harnessing the incredible power of cloud-based analytics. 

Safety and Security First

In recent years, cybercriminals have developed malware and phishing tools to hack directly into onsite parking lot ticketing machines. These scammers prey on fear and confusion, and are the parking industry’s most significant danger. FlashParking’s robust platform is Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. It can securely process more than six-million transactions per year, proving security and trust that all information is safely stored and handled. Our cloud servers are not only heavily encrypted, but regular over-the-air updates ensure that all parking and personal data are perpetually secure and up-to-date.

Flexible Plan and Pricing Options

As the public’s expectation of convenience grows, how do stakeholders stay a step ahead of the pack and future-proof operations to meet modern demands without breaking the bank? FlashParking’s groundbreaking model challenges all conventions by offering a comprehensive selection of software and smart hardware options with:

        • Zero Capital
        • No long-term contracts
        • Simple to understand monthly payment options
        • Lifetime hardware warranties

Change Your Perspective To Grow Your Parking Business

As daily life begins its transition from cloistered social-distancing to a “new normal,” people will venture out into their newly changed world to work, play, and shop. It’s time to rethink parking and parking lot technology and its place in our daily lives.

FlashParking is on a mission to change how the world thinks about parking. We’re arming owners and operators with intelligent tools and concepts that were custom-built to overcome many modern parking industry challenges. Our goal is a smarter, safer, flexible, and more connected future for mobility.

Change your perspective to envision what your lot can do instead of complaining about what it isn’t doing. FlashParking’s suite of parking management systems allows you to regain control of your space and reimagine the possibilities for new revenue streams and opportunities.

We’re ready when you are.