Parkway Partners with FLASH for an Enterprise-Scale Network of Dynamic Technology

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At a Glance



The Challenge

Parkway Corporation, a Philadelphia-based parking owner and operator, was approaching an imminent obsolescence issue with their technology platform and the equipment it used. In seeking a replacement solution, Parkway decided to look for a new parking technology partner that would speed along their evolution toward a lighter infrastructure footprint while maintaining the security, stability and scalability of their operation.


The enterprise organization also wanted to reduce the complexity of their system to increase efficiency and streamline processes across the organization.

The Solution

Parkway found a future-ready partner in FLASH, the creator of the first mobility hub operating system. Designed to scale, FLASH’s sophisticated technologies power locations across Parkway portfolio, giving them the tools to secure market leadership and meet new parking and mobility needs in the smart city. FLASH solutions at Parkways locations include:

With the installation of 230 devices, from entry/exit kiosks to mini-smart stations and validation kiosks, the new system allowed Parkway facilities to differentiate themselves in a positive way, with an improved seamless customer experience from entry to exit.

The FLASH system is built to integrate with operators and outside parties and it was architected like we built our own technology: easy to add onto, able to quickly grow and scale. It’s more than just a parking system -- it enables us to improve our customer’s experience while future-proofing our facilities

The Result

FLASH’s cloud-born, single-platform technology enabled Parkway to opt out of a six-figure investment while also avoiding portfolio-wide obsolescence. With FLASH, they were instead able to invest strategically in a next-generation system that would streamline the organization onto a single platform and provide 24 facilities across four cities with future-ready equipment that is custom-configured to each operation’s unique demands.

FLASH technology has empowered Parkway to focus on what is most important: attracting transient customers, finding monthly parkers, and improving the asset – not tending to unreliable equipment and machines. Since the migration, there have been zero reoccurring mechanical errors and no lost or damaged tickets. Machine-related errors have been substantially reduced, in turn increasing uptime and revenue generation.

For monthly parkers, the process has become completely contactless with Bluetooth and LPR access.

The ability to deploy a variety of contactless integrations (LPR, Bluetooth, pay-to-text, FLASH mobile app) has allowed these facilities to provide a safer experience for all their customers by minimizing touch as much as possible.

FLASH’s LPR solution with HTS, in particular, has been a big win for Parkway. The addition of LPR technology at a high-volume garage has significantly decreased egress time for both monthly and transient parkers. The LPR integration with FLASH has been so successful, Parkway’s management team has made LPR part of their standard functionality going forward.

We didn’t invest in FLASH expecting a pandemic, but the fact is that it’s been easy to operate [during the Covid-19 crisis]. The system doesn’t require people on-site to manage and care for the equipment. Having one less piece of friction during this time was an unexpected dividend.