No Risk. All Reward. Is Hardware-as-a-Service Right for You?

Learn How You Can Break the Obsolescence Cycle with HaaS, FlashParking’s Zero-capital Purchasing Model with No Long-term Contracts
When you invest in any technology, you silently and reluctantly accept that the purchase will have a finite lifetime. This is certainly the case for mobile devices. Every three years or so, we find ourselves standing in line, ready to shell out a thousand dollars to ditch a slowing device for the next iteration’s sleek design and more capable camera. The same never-ending purchase cycle exists in parking technology. When owners and operators review proposals for parking management solutions, price tends to overshadow other criteria. Asset owners and operators with limited financial resources settle for solutions with smaller price tags – and technology that is already outdated. Over the seven to ten year lifetime of these barely sufficient solutions, they end up costing much more in maintenance and updates than a higher-quality solution. The recent Windows 7 end of life was a prime example; some parking technology providers charged an average of $30K for the mandatory upgrade. And still, at the end of it all, owners and operators find themselves ready to pour money into yet another solution with a fixed expiration date. What if you didn’t have to buy into this treacherous cycle? What if you could invest in parking technology that actually increased in value and evolved over time without any financial risk? Did you know you had options? ANOTHER SOLUTION Introducing FlashParking’s Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS): a zero-capital purchasing model with no long-term contracts. Haas offers asset owners and operators, like you, a single, predictable monthly payment for evergreen software, business intelligence, and a lifetime hardware warranty. With Haas, we take on the financial risk so you can access the latest and greatest technology and avoid obsolescence. HaaS releases you from the antiquated model of expensive PCI compliance, outdated equipment, and costly upgrades and replaces it with a future-ready solution that is managed on your behalf. For organizations that typically have a 7 – 10 year or staggered replacement cycle, HaaS is a cost-effective way to standardize an entire portfolio at once – without the initial cash outlay that is typically required. Upgrading an outdated system onto FlashParking’s 21st century platform eliminates the hamster wheel replacement cycle, as each kiosk can simply be updated with new components as technology evolves. BENEFITS OF A SMART APPROACH FlashParking’s solutions are designed to grow with your operations and market demand.  You invest in the adaptable foundation today, gain real-time visibility across your portfolio, experience 99.9% uptime – even as software updates are performed – and upgrade as needed to accommodate new technology. Any expansions or upgrades simply build on the existing value of your investment. To further the value the HaaS model offers, FlashParking’s business intelligence engine is included with every implementation to give owners and operators the insights to make smarter decisions about growing their investment. As patterns emerge in internal operations and signal trends in the larger market environment, asset managers can decide what value-added technologies (like Bluetooth and LPR) and mobility services (like electric vehicle charging and eScooter docking) to introduce. For a time when consumer demands are rapidly evolving and the capital needed to meet those demands is scarce, FlashParking’s Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) offering is eliminating risk, tearing down barriers, and opening the door to the future. STILL UNSURE IF HaaS IS RIGHT FOR YOU? LET US HELP YOU! New call-to-action

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