Keys to Victory

Before the final buzzer rings. Before the roar of the crowd.

Before the game even starts, all winners do the same thing – create a game plan.

A great game plan can be the difference between a juggernaut dynasty and going home empty-handed. Every coach knows for their team to win they have to have the right approach, but only the best coaches can build a winning game plan.

At Flash, we want you to win.

We want to see you carried off the field on the shoulders of your team drenched in a Gatorade. We know that moment starts at the beginning. It begins by laying the right foundation and building on it. 2020 pushed us beyond what we thought we were capable of. The future is coming hard and fast, and the only way to be victorious is to execute on the right keys to victory to make sure you thrive.

So, to close out 2020, we are launching a “Keys to Victory” content series where we give you the game plan you need to own the mobility space and emerge victoriously.

Starting today and going through the end of year, we will give you the step-by-step plan to achieve victory in 2021. 

Keys to Victory

Keys to Victory #1: Reliability

To own the future, you need to have the right pieces in play and a roadmap to success. But those right pieces have to able to deliver for you. Plans are only as good as their execution.

At the end of the day, reliability is what separates the successful. Everyone can agree that it is the foundation for winning, but what does reliability look like in action?

Robert DeBurro, Executive Vice President and Manager Partner with LAZ Parking certainly knows.

When Robert was looking for partners who would help LAZ win clients, he knew that reliability was essential. Reliability can be mean different things for different people, but for Robert, it meant an emphasis on continuous improvement with a focus on innovation, all while delivering a better customer experience.

For Robert, this came in the form of a difficult ask: LAZ was working with a high-end boutique hotel that needed to track garages and give clients the ability to request cars and pay by credit card at the curb. The location would not allow for an on-site server, so LAZ knew they had to turn to the best in cloud-based technology. Flash was able to adapt existing offerings to provide a custom solution that helped LAZ better serve that client quickly and conveniently.

So it’s no surprise Robert went back to Flash when another client needed a platform that could collect cash and pay-on-foot. At this request, Flash’s first pay-on-foot solution was born. And it has been a winner ever since!

When asked about his thoughts regarding the custom-configured machine and Flash’s ability to deliver, he said,

“That single piece of equipment works better than any kiosk that I've ever seen in 30 years. It's more consistent. It never gets breaks down and it is very cost-effective; So, I have a happy client, I have happy customers, and I'm happy.” -Robert DeBurro, LAZ Parking

Executing every one of LAZ’s demands solidified the partnership between the two, and LAZ has continued utilizing FlashParking in every market across the country to elevate their parking experience for their customers.

What does reliability look like for your operation? Is it a relentless commitment to excellent customer experience? It is a focus on future-proofing your operation and diversifying revenue?

Whatever it is, Flash is here to make sure your operation is on the path to victory in 2021.

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