Meet the CS Team: Casey Jones Talks Consultancy

With over a decade of experience as a consultant, Casey Jones is an expert in helping clients improve operational efficiency, create better customer experiences, and work towards long-term goals. He has always enjoyed working to solve problems and make things better systemically. Today, as part of the FLASH Customer Success (CS) team, a critical part of Casey’s role is to put on that consultant hat and be a trusted advisor to clients throughout their FLASH partnership.

My job as part of the CS team is to look forward as far as possible with our clients and help them make decisions today that won't need to be unwound later.

Outcomes Are Everything

A big part of consultancy is a focus on outcomes. For individual operations and businesses, there are so many hurdles each day that it can be difficult to look ahead and develop long-term strategies that create positive outcomes.

Above all, if we take the outcomes-based approach with our clients, the goal is never to sell as much FLASH stuff as we can – it's to assemble the best package that meets the client’s needs today and is critical for what happens in the future.

That’s where the CS team comes in. Casey and the team use their expertise to zoom out, look at the big picture, and recommend the small steps you need to take today to reach your goals tomorrow.

You can’t just think about today. Our focus on outcomes gives us the opportunity to look at what's happening now but also look around corners and think about the future.

Getting Started With CS

In the early stages of a CS partnership, the team starts by understanding the client’s big picture goals and objectives. That often involves evaluating and reading the strategic plan, identifying organizational values and purpose, and reviewing past performance metrics.

After that high-level strategic discussion to decide where the client organization wants to go, the CS team works with the customer to find KPIs that will reflect FLASH’s impact on operations. This part of the process includes an educational conversation where CS shares their favorite proven strategies for setting strong indicators of performance.

You have goals and objectives, we want to align behind them.

How We Reach Big Goals Together

With robust knowledge of what you’re after, the CS team is in a position to have an impact on all of your goals and objectives. Every month at a business review, the CS team will report on the custom set of KPIs and reposition strategies if necessary.

For instance, if customer experience is most important, CS will narrow in on support call volume and look at how to drive those calls down to zero by charting different kinds of reasons for intercom calls.

With visibility across FLASH’s client base, the CS team is able to tailor their knowledge to each client’s unique situation and advise based on the outcomes at other operations.

Through the strategic advising we do in the CS program we are able to help our clients stay focused on the future. That's important because there's so much movement in what's available in tech and what customers expect; staying ahead of that helps our clients make good, sound business decisions.

Vision for the Future

We are a company founded on a vision of future mobility and it is partially the responsibility of the CS team to help our clients see what that future roadmap looks like. We help them make decisions today that have lasting impact and benefit for that uncertain future.

Partner Spotlight

At Princeton, the team designing a new parking facility understands that they have a small window of opportunity to meet present and future mobility needs by making decisions about their parking program.

With FLASH, they are changing how they are doing business to make the solution future-proof and easily accessible to achieve bigger picture goals and objectives – like climate concerns and facilitating mobility for students, staff, and faculty.

We are currently working with Flash to install a PARCS system in a new garage on campus. Through this process, it’s really important to the Transportation and Parking Services team that we have partners who can help us think critically and holistically, from planning and programming through installation to daily operations, to make sure we’ve got a solution that makes sense for our community’s unique needs.