Meet the Customer Success Team

Here at FLASH, the success of our premium customers is essential to our growth and the success of all the parking operations around the world that utilize FLASH technology. As a valuable partner to these customers, we want to ensure their success in the marketplace with a consultative approach to long-term service and support. To meet that growing need in our customer base, last year we introduced an entire team dedicated to overseeing the ongoing relationship with our premium customers: The Customer Success (CS) team.

This division of FLASH takes a higher level of involvement in ensuring the success of our premium customer base. From providing them with valuable tips for making the most of FLASH tools to strategic positioning in local markets to leveraging data insights for revenue growth, the CS team is a valuable partner to these customers as they navigate the evolving mobility landscape.

Key benefits of CS team support to asset owners and operators powering their portfolio with FLASH technology include…


As your personal consultant, the CS team helps you develop competitive strategies to get ahead in the marketplace, drive new sources of revenue, and become the best version of your business.

To keep up with the pace of rapidly changing consumer preferences and business environments, you’ll have a team of consultants with decades of parking experience and access to industry-wide data analytics by your side as you make those real-time decisions. 

Influence and Advocacy

With the ability to update, take action on, and collaborate with participants in functions throughout the FLASH organization, the CS team ensures that your priorities are the priorities of our training, development, and support.

As a premium customer, you have a voice in how FLASH tackles the most pressing challenges in the parking industry, which in turn gives you the power to influence new software and hardware developments.

Metrics and Data

The FLASH CS team is your personal team of data experts, involved in benchmarking and setting KPIs to routinely measure success and evolve strategy to reach your business goals.

Whether that’s cutting costs, maintaining loyal customers through industry shifts, or finding new sources of revenue to grow your business, the CS team is your partner in leveraging data to make the most of your FLASH solution.

Meet the Customer Success team

We gathered individuals with a passion for customer relationships, data, and strategy from across the FLASH organization to form what is today the FLASH CS team.

“Ultimately, Customer Success is about establishing a full lifecycle strategic partnership with a client base and forms the connective tissue - "Human API" - between the organization & customer.”
Jeff Johnson
Chief Customer Officer
“At the heart of Customer Success is a commitment to establish, cultivate and maintain a close, personal relationship with each client which results in strategic and lasting positive impacts for our partners who put their faith in FLASH."
Casey Jones
Director of Customer Success
“When we tell our customers they are our partners it's not just lip service. We are fanatical in our support of the customer and view their success as our own. When we keep the client as the central focus of every conversation, we all win.”
Lora Morris
Director of Customer Success
“As a customer’s definition of success changes and evolves over time, Customer Success must constantly update their understanding of the customers desired outcomes to ensure that value is continually realized from the partnership.”
Joe Leung
Senior Director of Customer Success