(On-demand) FLASHFuture 23

Didn’t Get the Chance to Watch FlashFuture ’23
A look at where next in parking & mobility

No problem, it’s now on demand!

During this 60-minute webinar, current Flash customers and leaders shared strategies and Flash platform solutions that can be implemented today to impact your parking operation and business immediately.
In this webinar, you can expect to hear: 
  •  How to Use a Platform to Accelerate Your Operation, plus a look ahead at the FLASH product roadmap with CTO Anthony Broad-Crawford
  • How you can manage parking and charging via a single platform that sets you up for a Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) future
  • Asset Owner Stories, like how Mobile Infrastructure increased asset value and drove incremental revenue with a platform approach 
  • An event/venue solution that blew up dreaded in/out parking lines to deliver truly seamless event parking at Acrisure Arena
  • Insider tips into unlocking infrastructure incentives with the City of Las Vegas Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Infrastructure
  • From Demand Partners, like Uber, LeasePlan, and Holman, about their vision to extend services into parking assets