Video: Digital Payments and Scan to Pay with Neil Golson

In The Platform Play, Neil Golson charts scan to pay’s success in the urban real estate market. Learn more below >>>>

In this segment, pulled from this year’s virtual customer event, FLASHFuture, Golson dives into five key drivers of Scan to Pay’s rise.

  1. Consumer preference for digital payments
  2. Transaction volume
  3. Integrations with Apple + Google Pay
  4. Revenue results
  5. Consumer profile and 

Exploring user trends, technology, profitability, and growth potential, Golson offers a unique insight on the popular Scan to Pay product.

Neil Golson is the EVP and CMO at FLASH. As a globally recognized business strategist and brand-building innovator, Neil is known for assembling and shaping complex ecosystems that emerge at moments of global societal and technological change to take brands to new heights of consumer resonance, cultural relevance and business performance. Prior to joining FLASH in 2019, Neil served as Head of Marketing & Sales Operations at Tesla and previously spent seven years at The Coca-Cola Company leading the McDonald’s Division for Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and as the Senior Brand Manager for the Coca-Cola brand in North America. Neil was also a store manager for The Home Depot for two years.