What Does One Day Delivery Mean for You?

When you think about the most powerful corporations in the United States today: Amazon, Google, Apple, Ford, they all have one leading advantage in common: logistical innovation. 

Passing on the benefits of collapsed supply chains and rapid distribution on to their customers has largely driven the success of these companies. 

Take Amazon for instance, who in the past year has managed to take their famous free 2-day delivery (for Prime members) down to just a single day. For years, robots have been critical to the warehouse efficiencies that enable Amazon to achieve these unprecedented delivery times. Similar robots are now being deployed on the ground to further shave down delivery time and costs and in coming years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are expected to join the fleets. 

As the current logistics model makes way for new delivery technologies—both manned and unmanned, on the ground and in the air— the mobility ecosystem will inevitably have to adapt to accommodate the recent entrants with designated interconnected spaces for launching, landing, and delivery. 

Garages offer a unique combination of centrally-located ground space and unobstructed aerial access that, with the right technology infrastructure, can directly serve needs in the robot-enabled logistics ecosystem. 

By introducing launching and landing pads in combination with delivery lockers, garages can serve as a critical node of connection in the networked transportation of goods. Delivery trucks and drones will need places that they can cohabitate and exchange goods. By offering an ideal location for that interaction, garages will become a valuable node within the larger logistics ecosystem 

Furthermore, extending into adjacent ecosystems like logistics is critical for garages to maintain relevance in the interconnected mobility model. Leveraging the advantages of their spacious structure and central location, garages can attract vehicle and foot traffic while generating alternative revenue sources.  

From attracting consumers who value the added service offering to reaping revenues from delivery transactions that are facilitated through your garage, becoming a part of the modern delivery model is a profitable endeavor. 

Partnerships with logistical firms and delivery services also give garages the potential to nurture and expand enterprise relationships for sustained, long-term success. 

With FlashParking, traditional garages not only get access to value opportunities with delivery services and other adjacent ecosystems, but also enjoy the same logistical efficiencies mirrored within our unique sales and deployment model. Whereas providers that sell through distributors rely on ongoing maintenance for profitability, FlashParking’s direct business model eliminates that costly step. 

Ready to be a part of the mobility ecosystem of tomorrow by extending service offerings into the logistics space? FlashParking is the best parking garage solution for today and your only mobility solution for tomorrow. 

Byline: Miranda Waldron Curry, Product Marketing Specialist, Miranda.WaldronCurry@flashparking.com

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