How Scan-to-Pay Transformed the Parkwell Portfolio

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FLASH was the one stop shop for all of our parking and mobility needs.

The Challenge

Parkwell opened for business in 2016 with a mission to improve parking experiences across the Denver area. “Parking at that time was 20 years in the past,” says Jon Christensen, Parkwell’s VP of Operations.

To bring their operations into the future, Parkwell was looking for a cloud-born solution that put technology at the forefront of customer experience to maintain PCI compliance and improve convenience at their gated and ungated assets.

Looking ahead, Parkwell knew that a a flexible, adaptable technology partner would be key to keeping up with changing demand and new innovations like autonomous and electric vehicles on the horizon.

The Solution

Parkwell first partnered with FLASH in 2018, installing an automated PARCS at the Music Garage in downtown Denver. After seeing success at the first few install sites, Parkwell went all in on FLASH in 2019, introducing the cloud-born technology platform across its Colorado portfolio.

Today, Parkwell takes advantage of the full suite of technology developed in-house and acquired by FLASH, including:

FLASH is more software than hardware, that’s what makes the platform so flexible and adaptable to changing consumer and market dynamics.

In the wake of COVID-19, as consumer behaviors trended towards mobile transactions, Parkwell wanted to accommodate new preferences – and the FLASH suite of solutions was ready to respond.

App-based transactions can be convenient for users that park consistently in a single location, but Parkwell’s customer base comprises largely transient parkers, specifically tourists and visitors. Scan-to-Pay offers the convenience of digital payments without the need to download an app, instead leaning into the now second-nature consumer instinct of scanning a QR code.

Seeing adoption of QR-based payments reach 40% overnight at one location, Parkwell rolled out Scan-to-Pay at all of their over 20 surface lot locations in July of 2021.

The Result

Today, Scan-to-Pay makes up 20% of all transactions at Parkwell sites. The addition of the digital payment solution has been a transformative technology for Parkwell and their customers, enabling some lots, like Mile High Station behind Meow Wolf, to operate entirely with Scan-to-Pay signs – no hardware required.

Where hardware is a key piece of the puzzle, users are still enjoying digital integrations and an intuitive, automated experience. After Parkwell’s first installation of FLASH’s user-friendly technology at the Music Garage in 2018, call volume dropped 60%.

On the back end, a digital system is also making the experience more streamlined for management, who can easily receive real-time customer feedback after Scan-to-Pay transactions.

At their 60 locations around Denver, Parkwell has seen transient revenue grow at some locations by over 40% as a result of FLASH Technology. As Parkwell continues to expand, Scan-to-Pay is their go-to digital payment solution for revenue growth and happy customers.

The industry is changing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up. But if anybody is going to figure it out, it’s going to be FLASH.