The Hotel Californian – Real Customers/Real Results

Venue Name: Hotel Californian

Venue Location: 36 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Venue Type: Luxury Hotel

Operated By: Towne Park

Venue Challenges: Santa Barbara’s Hotel Californian needed a unique set of flexible, high-tech functions to suit each guest’s individual parking needs. As a top destination for VIP guests, the Hotel Californian was seeking parking solutions that offered a high level of discretion and security. For discreet entrance and exit, the hotel wanted a set of small, private garages for VIPs that offered direct access hotel rooms with secure code-based entry and exit points.

As a high end hotel, valet services were an important aspect of developing the right parking system. The Hotel Californian wanted to ensure that guests have a welcoming, convenient, and speedy check-in. To maintain the highest quality standards around the clock, the hotel’s management was looking for parking solutions with online tools for reporting and monitoring.

Venue Solution:
FlashParking Solutions — FlashPARCS, FlashValet
Equipment Installed — 2 Entry/Exit Smart Stations, 2 Valet Mini Smart Stations, VIP Mini Smart Station

Valet Parking
FlashParking’s unique FlashValet program was implemented to allow guests of the Hotel Californian convenient mobile access to valet services and payment options. The FlashValet online portal makes it easy for parking operators to run valet services efficiently, offering 24/7 access to reporting and management. Another value added benefit the operator was able to pass onto their guests was the ability to use the FlashValet app. Rather than waiting outside while valets run to get cars, guests can use the app to notify the valet when they are about to leave and receive a notification when their car is ready. Valets store cars in a garage with access permitted via two Mini Smart Stations to ensure security and reliability for guests.

Using four entry and exit lanes, each equipped with SmartStations, guests are able to quickly and easily enter the garage. To heighten security and discretion for VIP guests, FlashParking suggested solutions for more secure garages to be used exclusively by VIP guests. The Hotel Californian’s first private garage is restricted with a Mini Smart Station where guests can scan RFID prox cards to be allowed access. FlashParking equipped the second private garage with a control board that will permit entry to the secure parking area. At check in, VIP guests receive a confirmation text with a phone number. Upon arriving at the private garage, VIPs call the number provided, signaling the control board to open the gate. This customized system has created a seamless parking experience for all of the Hotel Californian’s clientele, enhancing one of the first points of interaction in a stay.

Cloud Platform
The FlashCloud services integrated in the Hotel Californian’s parking system offer remote access to status updates and data analytics at all times, so any issues that arise can be attended to immediately. Cloud-based software creates enhanced scalability, simplified redundancy, and minimal maintenance. In addition, any software updates or repairs that need to be done can be performed remotely by our team, reducing downtime and continually ensuring that the system is quipped with the latest technology.