Taking Guest Experience to New Heights at Teton Village

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The Challenge

At the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Village operates four parking lots that serve the visitors and employees of the ski area. According to Executive Director Melissa Turley of the Teton Village Association (TVA), though they offered paid parking for almost 15 years prior to the installation of FLASH, Teton Village historically relied on manual processes for issuing parking credentials, tracking contract parkers, and collecting parking revenue. 

The existing processes were labor intensive, inefficient, and enforcement was challenging.
Wanting to create a seamless, contactless, and automated experience for guests, employees, and village business owners, Turley and her team at TVA started looking for a more modernized approach to PARCS. They turned to Neill Hurley of Hurley Parking Consulting to assist the TVA in the procurement and implementation of a future-ready, digital system for managing parking.

Since weather conditions can be harsh in the winter months, durability and weather-rated equipment was a must, in addition to a user-friendly interface, simple maintenance, and reliability.

FLASH checked all of these boxes.

The Solution

While shopping around for a parking technology solution, TVA heard time and time again that FLASH was a reliable, high-tech choice. “FLASH had excellent referrals,” says Turley, “everyone I spoke to who had [FLASH] gave great reviews.”

For the team at Teton Village, the simplicity in FLASH hardware was one of the biggest factors that stood out among the competition. FLASH’s plug-and-play design combined with a DIY maintenance philosophy today makes it easy for on-site attendants to perform routine maintenance and upkeep.

Wanting to keep her pulse on operations and how guests and contract parkers are utilizing the technology, TVA cites FLASH’s robust reporting capabilities and real-time operational visibility on the FLASH app as key components to improving the efficiency of their day-to-day operations.

Everyone I spoke to who had [FLASH] gave great reviews.

The FLASH solution at Teton Village’s four lots includes:

The Result

With FLASH technology automating entry, exit, payment, and mobile reservations, users have been able to get into lots and onto their final destination more quickly.

“There’s always going to be a bit of pain in the transition to new technology,” Turley says, “but introducing HelpMeParker has been super instrumental.” The phone support module manages up to 824 minor support calls a month, helping users navigate technology and resolve questions at the exit points.

Since the installation of FLASH, Teton Village has seen a 2.5% increase in revenue. Factoring in the low snowfall from this year, they are expecting even higher returns next season.

There’s always going to be a bit of pain in the transition to new technology, but introducing HelpMeParker has been super instrumental.