The Graduate Annapolis: A Polished Hotel’s Parking Operation Gets a Smart Upgrade

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The Challenge

The Graduate Annapolis is a polished hotel frequented by visitors of the nearby U.S. Naval Academy and Chesapeake Bay.

In 2021, the otherwise updated location was still running a clunky, server-based parking system. Between an upcoming PCI compliance update and a new gate, The Graduate decided to overhaul the system in favor of something that would maintain the seamless hotel guest experience.

Shortly after, Tim Heath of PMC took over parking operations at The Graduate.

If I walk into a new location and it’s not a cloud-based system, it’s a no brainer – you have to switch to FLASH.

The Solution

Eager to see change, the downtown Annapolis location chose to install a cloud-based FLASH system in April of 2021. The location opted for FLASH’s unique Hardware-as-a-Service option, which allowed for a payment plan plus comprehensive maintenance support and minimal upfront costs.

With two entry and two exit lanes, the install took just three days and included the installation and configuration of:

The Result

The first month after the install, The Graduate Annapolis saw revenue jump almost 200%. The location expects to see year-over-year revenue growth of over 220% by the end of 2021.

For The Graduate Annapolis, like so many other locations, the cloud-based nature of FLASH solutions is what makes all the difference. Live reporting, mobile management capabilities, and a single platform for PARCS and valet.

I’m just looking at money coming in – and that’s a good thing.