The following disclaimers are applicable to all quotes provided by FlashParking, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively, “Flash”).

All quotes are valid for a period of ninety (90) days from the date set forth on the quote.

Travel & Expenses
Project and installation related travel and related expenses will be billed post-installation on the final invoice and shall be based on market rates for airfare and hotel. Per diem rates for meals and incidentals will be billed at commercially reasonable rates, as agreed with Customer.

Access Credentials Compatibility
Any proximity cards, AVI (minus toll tag) credential devices, and hotel room key cards (collectively, “Access Credentials”) that are existing and in use prior to installation of new FlashPARCS equipment must be submitted to Flash for compatibility testing to ensure compatibility with Flash’s Systems. Unless compatibility is expressly confirmed in writing following compatibility testing, Flash does not guarantee compatibility of Customer’s existing Access Credentials.

  • Payment
    Equipment orders that are not financed are subject to a 50% deposit payment at the time of signing to ensure timely delivery of project.
  • The remaining 50% will be invoiced upon successful installation and commissioning of the FlashPARCS equipment, or within two months of equipment receipt by Customer if Customer delays the installation, whichever comes first.
  • Flash reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 20% of the total of the contract value to be paid immediately at time of cancellation.

Delivery Lead Time
Delivery lead times will be communicated to Customer at the time of order confirmation. Lead times are dependent on production schedules, material availability and custom requests like wraps and other design work.

Standard Installation

  • Internet connectivity and electricity service are required to be provided by venue or parking operator. Installation assumes there is a pathway to run CAT5/6 for internet from the source to the final installed location.
  • Installation quote is based on the information provided by Customer and is subject to increase based on the presence of unknown site conditions at the time of quote. All other requirements not provided by the Customer before installation are subject to review, and additional fees may be assessed to cover the work.
  • Assumes a concrete surface on each lane, that the concrete is in good enough condition to install the saw cut loop, has no major cracks and is not post-tension construction. If the location is post-tension construction, the install team will require a contractor to perform a surface penetration scan to ensure it is safe to make the cut. Additional fees will apply and there may be delays to the installation.
  • All installation services are to be performed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, by non-union labor.
  • Installation assumes free and unfettered access to the island area for Flash or its contractor. Delays resulting from limited access to the work area or unfinished work that is to be provided by others as noted herein may result in additional costs.
  • Installation may include uninstalling and removing existing in-lane equipment (and POFs, if applicable) and reusing certain aspects of the existing power, in-ground and other wiring that is currently installed in the lanes (old equipment disposal not included).
  • Reusing or running one ethernet cable from the network demarcation point to the FlashPARCS Smart Station Kiosk using existing pathway or conduit.
  • Mounting FlashPARCS network kit with back-up LTE in each lot or garage (will be pre-configured prior to shipping).
  • Cutting, installing & calibrating new arming and safety loops and connecting both loops to the gate.
  • Bolting down the Smart Station kiosk and gate (configuration is done over the air).
  • Running 3 pairs of cables from the Smart Station Kiosk to gate for (a) gate vend, (b) arming loop detection, and (c) closing loop detection.
  • The installation of door readers requires the door have the necessary electrified components/hardware, a pathway for a dry contact connection between our reader and the locked door, and 110 power within 25’ of our reader (or 24vdc within 100 feet in same conduit as CAT5) – all of which is to be installed by others and therefore is not included in this quote.
  • We will provide a set of dry contact wires to fire the overhead door (if applicable). Final Connections to the overhead door are to be done by overhead door vendor and are not our responsibility.
  • For facilities requiring newly constructed parking island(s), Flash and Customer will mutually agree to a layout and installation will be by third parties contracted by Flash. The island construction will include form, pour, and concrete finish and electrical conduits within the island as needed for the connection to line voltage via conduits and circuit/low voltage communications.
  • LPR Solution (if ordered) requires runway length of about 33 feet from gate to cameras. Functionality may be compromised, and solution may not be possible if site conditions do not meet runway length requirements.
  • Any third party hardware included in the quote is for hardware only. Any configuration and/or setup fees by such third-party vendors may be subject to a separate agreement between Customer and such third-party and are not included in this quote. Installation of such third-party hardware will be quoted once the final position is mutually agreed upon between Customer and Flash.
  • Includes testing all components prior to commissioning.
  • Extending or re-routing existing electrical power lines to new SmartStation Kiosk and gate. Because we are uncertain as to the quality of the existing conduits in the concrete or other infrastructure items, the installation cost may increase based on actuals.


  • Standard Installation EXCLUDES anything not specifically listed above.
  • Specified exclusions include all utility company charges, deposits and fees, if any; repairs for unforeseen underground utilities that may become damaged during installation of underground conduits; performance and payment bonds. All other requirements, if any, are extra and are subject to review; (All Permits and Inspections are a Pass Through – plus Service Fees if applicable).
  • All prices are exclusive of taxes, shipping, installation, electrical, or civil work, and any other item not specified in this quote unless otherwise clearly stated in the quote.


  • Flash provides a twelve (12) month warranty on all parts. There is no warranty provided on any reused parts or existing components.


  • Orders for FlashValet equipment, tickets, decals and a dedicated number for texting will be completed during the kick-off call. These items will not be automatically ordered (when applicable). FlashValet equipment model and pricing is subject to change based on inventory availability.
  • For EMV transactions, Customer is required to open an account with Windcave or such other third-party merchant gateway identified by Flash. Flash is not responsible for Merchant and Gateway fees associated with EMV transactions.

Merchant Services

  • FlashPARCS Mobile Payments are $0.35 per transaction.
  • Merchant services related to the processing of credit card transactions must be sourced and paid for directly by the owner/parking operator. In addition, the following policy related to credit card gateway services applies:
    Magnetic stripe readers (non-EMV): Flash uses USA ePay as the gateway for magnetic stripe reader applications. The Flash software subscription fee includes gateway- related charges for the first 5,000 magnetic stripe card reader-based payment transactions, per location/per month. Flash will bill at a rate of $49 per location for each additional 5,000 credit card transactions for those months where the gateway transaction volume allowance is exceeded.

    Chip readers (EMV): Flash uses Windcave as the gateway for chip reader applications. Windcave requires a separate gateway agreement with the owner/parking operator. Payment gateway transaction fees apply and are payable directly to Windcave.

  • Flash includes a back-up 4G/LTE line for situations where Customer’s connectivity goes down. Customer shall be entitled to 250 MB per month of back-up line usage. Anything over that limit will be charged at $0.15 per MB per month.

  • Prices and third-party merchant providers are subject to change upon notice from Flash.

Equipment Service Options :

A) 24/7 Remote Support Team. Flash designed its solutions with simplicity and efficiency in mind. We supply every Customer with a FlashCare maintenance kit containing the most common replacement components. Should any of them fail, the Customer can easily remove the failed part and insert the replacement part with assistance from our remote support team.

B) On-Site Support. Should you choose not to use the 24/7 remote support option, Flash provides in- person support and repair through a mix of its own and third-party repair technicians. The labor rates and other costs associated with this service will be quoted by your local representative.