Powering the Parking Evolution (eBook Download)

The Mobility Challenge

The growth of urban populations, car dependency, and the proliferation of new modes of movement have made our city streets and sidewalks more crowded than ever before. Congestion’s ill effects on productivity, profitability, and sustainability make it a priority of city governments and businesses alike.

And the problem only stands to get worse. More micromobility devices are being deployed, delivery vehicles are multiplying with eCommerce and restaurant delivery. The miles driven for delivery and rideshare services are easily two or three times that of the personal transport they replace.

The Parking Solution

What we need now is not more services competing for users – we need a solution that brings these services together for an enclosed mobility experience that is safer, efficient, more sustainable, and connected.

And the place where all of this can occur is very close to us here in the parking industry: it’s the parking structure.

When we elevate parking assets with the right technology, they will transform from isolated, outdated structures to dynamic, connected, next-generation hubs of mobility.

Flash Forward

FlashParking has taken on a role as the facilitator of this transition. We recognize that asset owners and operators are in a unique position to take their business into the future. With more user needs to serve, parking should have more services to offer.

Our mobility hub operating system takes the same physical asset and uses a combination of leading access and revenue technology, cloud intelligence, and exclusive partnerships to bring parking into the next generation.

This endeavor is a way for parking assets to secure their status as a critical node in the future of mobility at a time when the future of cars is not so certain. By taking on an entire diversified portfolio of service offerings, asset owners and operators can be confident that their business will remain consistent, even as user demands change.

In Powering the Parking Evolution, we dive into the current mobility landscape and how cutting-edge parking technology is making garages and lots a key piece of the puzzle.

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