What Big Brands Know About Hardware-as-a-Service that You Don’t (eBook Download)

You’ve probably noticed the Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model gaining speed in the world of big tech. And now, HaaS is changing the world of parking.

This relative of Software-as-a-Service is evolving the way people access technology and moving the industry ahead by breaking barriers to innovation. The introduction of HaaS is a crucial turning point in the evolution of parking for a new age of mobility. When asset owners and operators have options in how they structure their business, they can better serve markets, improve profitability, and help the parking industry stand the test of time.

For parking to stay relevant in evolving mobility landscape, they need to upgrade hardware and software as quickly as the technology behind parking systems gets updated. And at the rate that innovation in parking technology is happening today – it can be tough to keep up.

HaaS bundles software and hardware into a single monthly model so that asset owners and operators can be confident their system is running at peak efficiency, with the latest technology, at a predictable and consistent rate.

If you’re ready to learn the major benefits of HaaS that have big brands going all in, you can download our complete eBook that covers…

            • How SaaS paved the way
            • The next-generation product delivery model
            • Why big brands are leaning in now
            • Benefits of a HaaS model
            • Potential downsides of a HaaS model
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