Bird Scooters x FlashParking

A one-of-a-kind partnership brings revenue to the next level with in-garage eScooter rentals to take your customers the last mile with safety, convenience, and sustainability in mind.


Your slice of a $500bn industry

eScooters are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to get around in cities all around the world. The only thing they’re missing? A place to park.

Riders and providers are increasingly turning to docking stations to manage fleets and control costs. Anchoring one in your garage makes is a point of differentiation, an attraction that promotes loyalty, and an entirely new source of revenue.

Bird x FlashParking

Our partnership with Bird scooters puts these high-demand devices just inside your gates. So whether they’re parking a car or not, customers are drawn to a service only you can offer. For riders, the Bird x FlashParking experience is convenient and affordable.

Plus, knowing the scooter is all their own gives users a sense of confidence they can’t find anywhere else.

Let's Build Your Mobility Hub.

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