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HHS Environmental Services Largo Medical Center

Largo, FL

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The Oakland Zoo

Oakland, CA


2222 S Indiana Ave

Chicago, IL

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Each installed location has a unique reason for why they adopted FlashParking. Whether it’s to maximize asset value, modernize their facilities, or solve parking problems- all location’s are different. This month’s featured locations include Del Mar Plaza, the Dobie Center garage, and the Oakland Zoo. Although their locations, challenges, and solutions, are different, their effort to adopt new and innovative technology is what will advance a connected mobility ecosystem.

Del Mar Plaza




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Del Mar, California–The city of Del Mar is the smallest incorporated city in San Diego County, tucked into 2.1 square-miles. With many popular restaurants, historical sites, unique shops, and luxury hotels in the city, Del Mar remains a hot spot for visitors eagerly seeking new and exciting. But, despite its many advantages, the city of Del Mar suffers a challenge that many older, more traditional towns suffer—particularly problems with parking. Like most other older commercial districts, Del Mar doesn’t suffer from a parking shortage, but rather from a fragmented parking supply that’s controlled by a variety of owners. Due to the limited amount of space, the city is now taking strides in order to create a parking authority to manage all the district’s parking spaces that will best address their parking needs. Del Mar Plaza, a popular shopping and entertainment district, took initiative in improving the city’s parking situation by adopting our PARCS and Valet solutions. FlashParking offers future-ready solutions to effectively manage a widespread parking operation via our cloud-based software and easy-to-maintain hardware. With our cloud-based software, the plaza can now efficiently manage their operation’s rates, payments, reservations, and capacity with scheduled or on-demand reports, while visitors enjoy an easy-to-use parking system that won’t dampen their experience. The key to parking management systems for municipalities & cities is to offer a broad range of parking solutions that work together, and by adopting our solutions, Del Mar Plaza has presented an opportunity to improve parking efforts in not only their shopping district, but for the city at large

Dobie Center Garage

Austin, TX–As an Austin-based company, FlashParking is very familiar with the nuisances of Austin’s traffic and, like most people, we’re ultimately frustrated with seeing it increasingly worsen. More people move to the city each year, which in turn produces a myriad of new developments and road constructions that never seem to end. But the city’s traffic problem won’t be solved by addressing it with how to move cars, but rather be approached with how to move people more efficiently. Austin can begin to resolve this problem of mobility by moving away from constructing more roads and shift focus on improving efficiency in the city’s existing foundations, particularly—the University of Texas campus. With over 50,000 students and faculty, majority of which live in close quarters to the campus, and a vast array of ongoing construction crowding the area, parking in this area is inevitably scarce. One of the oldest campus parking locations, the Dobie Center garage, remains to be a favored spot for students, faculty, and visitors to park. Located on one of the most high-trafficked streets in Austin, the Dobie Center garage is the parking hub for nearby residential dorms, shops, restaurants, event centers, and provides a convenient access to campus. Recently, Dobie added a Target retail store to make a supermarket more accessible to students and residents in the area. Needless-to-say, the Target has significantly increased Dobie’s garage traffic, making it extremely difficult for students, faculty and shoppers to find parking. In addition, the convenience of Dobie’s location bears the burden of accommodating transit needs in an area with growing demand for accessible and convenient parking. As a result, the Dobie Center updated their parking garage with our cloud-based PARCS system in order to better accommodate the busy garage. Our system offers seamless integrations for an easy-to-manage, frictionless parking experience. The future-ready technology was  developed to increase efficiency to ensure parkers have a quick and smooth experience—even in the most trafficked garages. Our system not only improves efficiency at Dobie’s garage, but sets the tone for the city of Austin’s future parking operations. Urban cities are now realizing that resolving mobility isn’t done with more roads and construction, but rather with the adoption of new and innovative technology that creates an advanced way for people to efficiently travel and park. FlashParking’s install at Dobie won’t eliminate the university’s transit complications immediately, but it will push Austin toward evolving a future-ready transportation ecosystem and mark the beginning of discovering a solution to the mobility challenge.

The Oakland Zoo

Oakland, CA– As the 4th largest zoo in California, the Oakland Zoo expects thousands of visitors every day. Consequently, this has caused major traffic build-up and clutter in nearby neighborhoods from guests seeking parking. Oakland takes pride in delivering an outstanding and memorable experience, but we know zoo parking can be a stressful and frustrating situation for visitors. That’s why our latest PARCS  install was a perfect fit for Oakland to efficiently manage their daily visitors, decrease traffic and clutter, and improve experience by offering a quick and easy way for visitors to park. With our cloud-based system, Oakland can now manage operations in real-time via phone or browser, including rate changes, credit card payments, eParking reservations, electronic validations and more. Now, Oakland visitors can enjoy a day at the zoo without the inconvenience of complicated parking.

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