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Multi-Space Smart Station

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Smart Design

FlashPARCS’ Multi-Space Smart Station is an ideal choice for parking operators looking for a cost-effective way to increase revenue and reduce operational costs for off-street parking. Sporting an identical physical design to our Entry/Exit Smart Station, the only difference for the multi-space unit is the software configuration for use.

1 Machine, Multiple Configurations, Future-Ready

The Multi-Space Smart Station can be configured as either a Pay-&-Display, Pay-by-Plate, or Pay-by-Space kiosk. The flexible configuration ensures the best set up based on venue dynamics and customer experience demands; any station can be easily reconfigured in the future as those needs evolve.

Numerous Payment Options

In addition to traditional credit card payment options, we offer in-lane cash acceptance and mobile payment options. For cash acceptance options, our Multi-Space Smart Station can be paired with a cash machine that will accept exact change only or a machine with a Bill Note Recycler (BNR) that will accept bills and return change. The Bill Note Recycler (BNR) boasts a four-denomination bill recycler, which eliminates the need to empty and refill the machine quite as often. FlashMobile, our mobile payment solution, provides parkers with the added ability to pay via mobile device.

Unmatched Uptime

FlashParking also ensures superior uptime. To safeguard against any downtime in the unlikely event of an internet outage, the solution can be deployed with an optional 4G/LTE back-up cellular network service for connectivity redundancy. If the internet does go down on the primary line, an automatic switch-over to the back-up cellular network occurs without skipping a beat.


One Machine for All Needs

Our multi-use approach allows us to configure any Smart Station as either an entry, exit or as a pay on foot, pay & display, pay by plate or pay by space kiosk. This means that when parts are needed they are all the same, providing immediate access and minimizing spare part costs.

Total Reliability

The FlashParking platform runs on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, which today powers 90% of Fortune 500 companies. Our cloud-based systems provide access to monitor and manage all your properties from a single backend portal via mobile, tablet or desktop.

Real-time Decision Making

Manage operations in real-time via phone or browser to closely monitor and control rate changes, credit card payments, eParking reservations, electronic validations, and more.

Extreme Weather Rated

The Smart Stations are UL Certified to withstand all extreme weather conditions, and aluminum built to withstand corrosion.
What we’ve seen with Flash has been really remarkable. It’s been one of the only solutions we’ve ever installed, and not had one service or support call 6 months down the road.
Ryan Hunt

President for Premier Parking

Extend Your Brand with Custom Wraps

The standard shell of the Smart Station comes in powder-coated silver aluminum; properties looking to extend their brand to the parking facility can wrap their Smart Stations in any design. Take a look:

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