Charging into the Future

Meeting the needs of today and tomorrow with EVgo and FlashParking

EVgo and FlashParking are eager to announce a partnership that directly integrates the capability to locate, reserve, and pay for EVgo stations with FlashParking’s access technology in garages across the country.

As electric vehicles become a mainstay of the new mobility ecosystem, the demand for charging in garages and lots is growing. This transition is a function of a broader shift from traditional parking assets to more diversely capable mobility hubs.

Garages equipped with FlashParking’s comprehensive technology solutions and EVgo’s charging capabilities are a prime example of assets that, by establishing future-ready infrastructures, are differentiating themselves from the competition and innovating for success today and tomorrow.

FlashParking is enabling asset owners and operators to transition their isolated, single-use parking assets into multi-use hubs that serve additional needs with services like charging, valeting, staging, first and last mile transit, cleaning, servicing, and launching, landing, and delivering—in addition to parking.

While parking is still a highly profitable offering, single-use garages and lots are at risk of losing relevance and market share as the set of mobility tools offered to consumers grows. The society of the future needs mobility hubs that meet more than one need; that’s why FlashParking is acting preemptively to give asset owners and operators the strategy and tools they need to equip themselves with offerings like charging that will meet broader future needs—as well as the demands of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

“Our work with FlashParking is uniting two of the industry’s most relevant and powerful mobility technologies in a way that is serving a vital need today while also future-proofing properties,” said Joey Barr, Director of Business Development of EVgo.

FlashParking’s VP of R&D, Carlos Hernandez, says of the partnership: “Everyone is talking about mobility, but our partnership with EVgo is one of the industry’s biggest steps in actually implementing technology that makes the mobility hub vision a reality.”

It is these types of interactions with relevant and intuitive technology that drive traffic and revenues, secure customer loyalty, and truly push traditional assets into the future. To learn more about the process of transitioning your FlashParking powered garage into a modern mobility hub with strategic technology partners like EVgo, please contact