First Rate Monitors from A Lot Media

FlashParking and A Lot Media collaborate to create a dynamic, responsive pricing ecosystem

For a modern rate display that relays information to customers in real time, FlashParking recommends digital rate signs from A Lot Media. Selected as our preferred provider for their affordable pricing structure and powerful integration capabilities, A Lot digital signs cultivate a connected, dynamic parking environment focused on maximizing revenues, gaining market share, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Connecting directly to FlashParking’s powerful cloud intelligence platform, A Lot digital rate monitors are a cost-effective way to communicate prices with customers in real time, which facilitates fair and dynamic pricing. Cloud computing capabilities offer true 360-degree visibility and actionable data analytics to drive strategic dynamic pricing and maximize asset yield. When combined with A Lot monitors, an entire dynamic, responsive ecosystem is established to relay information at each level of the organization—from you, to your customers, and every technology layer in between.

Furthermore, A Lot is enabling operators and asset owners to generate additional revenue streams. In the coming year, A Lot will support the sale of advertising space on their digital monitors. This endeavor aligns with FlashParking’s goal of helping owners and operators to diversify the capabilities of their traditional parking assets in order to maintain relevance and sustain long term growth in the new mobility ecosystem.

“We are ecstatic about our integration with Flash Parking. Our goal at A Lot Media since day one has been to bring in more value and increase revenues for our real estate partners. This integration helps us accomplish that and bring parking into the 21st century,” said Jonah Lazowski, CEO and founder of A Lot Media.

“A Lot Media shares our goal of offering operators and asset owners a comprehensive portfolio of offerings that will diversify their revenue streams and improve customer relationships,” shared Carlos Hernandez, VP of R&D of FlashParking.

To learn more about powering garages and lots with FlashParking’s innovative platform and relaying valuable information to consumers through A Lot Media’s digital rate monitors, contact