Klever Logic Introduces a Paperless Ticketless Valet Module

Austin, TX – April 22, 2016 — In honor of Earth Day, Klever Logic, an industry-leading parking technology provider, is proud to introduce a Ticketless Valet Module for its award-winning Flash Valet solution. The ticketless valet module gives parking operators the ability to offer their customers the option of replacing paper tickets for SMS texting ticketing instead. Valet personnel will have the ability to issue tickets via text from the Flash Valet App. Instead of a paper ticket, parking guests will enter their mobile number into the Flash Valet App and shortly thereafter will receive a text with ticket number and instructions for retrieving their vehicle when ready to leave. All they have to do is reply to the text to request their car or present their phone with SMS Text Ticket.

The Ticketless Valet Module works in concert with Flash Valet’s traditional ticket system and is offered as another option. This means you get the same powerful cloud-based platform, and customers will still have the ability to pay and tip via their mobile phone. For those who prefer paper tickets, that option will always be available. The Ticketless Valet Module is only an add-on, not a replacement of Flash Valet current services.

Over the next month, for every location that signs up for the Ticketless Valet module, Klever Logic will make a donation to the “Plant a Billion Trees Project” run by Nature’s Conservancy, a non-profit that helps plant trees and restore forests around the globe. “Life is mobile, and to better serve our customers, we wanted to give parking operators the ability to offer a streamlined, ticketless customer experience,” said Juan Rodriguez, CEO, and co-founder of Klever Logic. “The addition of the Ticketless Valet Module to the Flash Valet platform is an example of our continued commitment to delivering a VIP experience to both our customers and parkers.”


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