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Mini PARCS Kiosk

PARCS Mini-Smart Station

Download our PARCS Mini-Smart Station Sheet in Pdf format.

Flexible Design

The parking world is complex: each property presents unique needs, and not every property requires the same parking equipment configurations. With that understanding, we developed the Mini-Smart Station to harness the power of our cloud-based parking platform and to be a flexible solution for a variety of different parking scenarios that may not need a full PARCS.

The PARCS Mini-Smart Station is a streamlined version of our full-sized Smart Station with agile adaptability for key specific parking applications.

Customizable and Future-Ready

Designed to give your customers the best parking experience possible, our PARCS Mini-Smart Station solution suite is highly configurable to meet the specific needs of any venue today and in the future–as the venue’s needs evolve. There is no reason to buy totally new equipment as needs change–a simple re-configuration of the unit is all that is necessary!


Total Reliability

The FlashParking platform runs on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, which today powers 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

Real-time Decision Making

Manage operations in real-time via phone or browser, including rate changes, credit card payments, eParking reservations, electronic validations, and more.

Easy Maintenance

Our unique FlashCare Maintenance Kit for the MiniSmart Station contains replacement parts for all the major components, so operators can quickly replace parts in a matter of minutes, minimizing downtime.

Extending your Brand

The standard shell of the PARCS Mini-Smart Station comes in a powder-coated silver; properties looking to extend their brand to the parking facility can wrap their Mini-Smart Stations with any design they choose.

What we’ve seen with Flash has been really remarkable. It’s been one of the only solutions we’ve ever installed, and not had one service or support call 6 months down the road.

Ryan Hunt

President for Premier Parking

Versatile Machine

Our nimble PARCS Mini-Smart Station is powerful enough to take on all these parking scenarios:

  • Entry/Exit With no printer, the Mini-Smart Station is a streamlined entry or exit access control machine.
  • Pay-on-Foot Perfect for venues looking for a credit card-only pay-on-foot machine option
  • Self-validator Use as a stand-alone kiosk for a guest to self-validate for both valet and self-parking scenarios.
  • Pedestrian Access Provide guests the ability to access stairwells, doors, and other controlled pedestrian access areas.
  • Valet Access Control Control access to a specific area, garage or parking lot being used for valet purposes only.

Components: Bluetooth low energy technology, controller, relay board, LCD display, intercom, barcode scanner, credit card reader, RFID/proc card reader.

Extend Your Brand with Custom Wraps

The standard shell of all our Mini-Smart Stations come in powder-coated silver aluminum; properties looking to extend their brand to the parking facility can wrap their Mini-Smart Stations in any design. Take a look:

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