EV Charging

The Only Platform Designed to Connect EV Charging to Parking.

Flash’s EV Charging helps you diversify revenue while meeting the needs of the modern EV driver. Today, it’s an added amenity – tomorrow it will be the standard in every parking operation.


Flash’s EV charging solution offers a truly seamless, integrated EV charging experience for your parking asset.

Flash's EV charging solution attracts new high-value customers and generate revenue beyond parking

What Are You Looking For?

Tell us a bit about you and we’ll find the right solution for your goals.

How It Works

Flash’s End-to-End Program Management

Step 1: Site Evaluation

Evaluate asset layout, electrical and prime placement

Step 2: Proposal

Configure EV Solution, input from our team of experts including Rebates & Incentives and Construction: Design/Electrical Engineering teams

Step 3: Logistics

Coordinate materials and schedules shipment - Operations team

Step 4: Install

Install charging equipment + test connection and power flow - Construction team

Step 5: Launch

Final commission with testing

Step 6: Maintenance

5 year warranty, includes cable management

7.2 Million

Electric Vehicles on the road today.

380 Chargers

Is the number of chargers we would need to install every day for the next nine years to keep pace with the adoption of EVs.

72% of drivers

Will need a place to charge away from home.

User Flows, Cut Sheets, eBooks

EV Charging Resources


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EV Charging Cut Sheet

Managed EV Standards

The Future of Parking in the Mobility Ecosystem

If there is one thing I can relay to our parking operator partners, the time is now to start planning your EV strategy, and we can be your consultative partner.
Ben Davee
GM of EV Charging Division