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EV Charging Solutions Program

Electric vehicles are becoming a mainstay of the smart city and demand for charging in garages and lots is growing.

FLASH now offers an exclusive EV charging program to parking asset owners and operators to diversify and drive revenue to future proof their business.

With our EV charging program, you increase your location’s value, transforming from an isolated, single-use asset to a multi-use hub that serves your customer’s evolving needs and differentiates you from competitors.

The Only Integrated EV Charging Stations Solution

FLASH Differentiators

Low risk

Our EV Program is managed by FLASH with no upfront costs and comes fully-insured.

Massive new customer audience

Grow asset visibility among rapidly-growing customer base with aggregators and utilize reservations to your asset into a charging station and EV drivers destination.

Additional revenue stream

Revenue share mode with dynamic pricing lets you charge segments to increase turns and limit dwell time.

What Are You Looking For?

Tell us a bit about you and we’ll find the right solution for your goals.

How It Works

Getting Started with Customized Program

To determine your eligibility for EV charging, FLASH will perform the following review:

Step 1: Site Evaluation

Conduct a parking facility evaluation to determine viability and space availability for the charging stations and the corresponding electric vehicle.

Step 2: Vertical Parameters

Identify whether your asset has the market and vertical to become a hub for new modes.

Step 3: Branded Designs

Develop a unique branded image to increase visibility.

Step 4: Utility/Power Access Evaluation

Ensure there is enough power and ample city resources to direct proper electricity to the new charging stations.

Step 5: Installation & Scalability Planning

Lay out a plan for the installation, timeline, and details of the electric vehicle supply equipment.

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