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For cash-handling abilities, simply add on a cash machine to any of our kiosks. Cash machines can be used with or without a Bank Note Recycler (BNR) for exact change only. And by including cash machines at pay-on-foot stations, customers avoid lengthy cash transactions at exit points.

Activities associated with loading, emptying, and reconciling cash can increase labor costs. That’s why we our cash machine was designed as an add-on component to our Smart Station. It’s built to provide all the cash-handling ability of a human cashier with increased security and cash management benefits.

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Adding Cash Acceptance

FlashParking’s Smart Cash Station comes in two variations: exact change bill acceptor or Bill Note Recycler (BNR), which includes up to a 4-denomination recycling capability. Benefits include:

Simple Architecture

All functionality is operated from the touch-screen display on the paired kiosk, for all-in-one ease-of-use.

Headache-free Bill Acceptance and Recycler

The cash machine with BNR boasts 98% first time bill acceptance rates to ensure a frictionless customer experience. The BNR sports up to a 4-denomination bill recycler, to minimize the emptying and refilling of the machine, thus saving on downtime.

Improved Security

All cash transactions are optimized and simplified by a single device. Reconciled funds are accounted for electronically and stored in a single locked cashbox. The BNR facilitates a closed-loop cash system, allowing facilities to simplify the cash management process and increase profitability.

Key Configuration

The cash machine can be configured for key access and cashbox removal with a separate key for bill removal. These features provide maximum accountability and security throughout the cash management life cycle.

Features: Accepts global currency, bill scanning for optimum recognition, lockable and removable cash box, and self-centering transport guides to align fed bills.

FlashParking’s future-ready platform allows me the agility to meet current customer demands.
Joel Christensen
CEO & Founder, Parkwell Management

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