Gated Solutions that Drive Revenue
Parking Access And Revenue Control

Flash’s signature cloud-born gated solutions unlock the true potential of your asset, giving you the most capable parking technology on the market specifically configured for your asset’s needs.

Our gated solutions are designed with your parkers in mind, with a focus on providing a seamless, simple experience for them, while giving you unparalleled control and visibility.


Why Flash Does It Best

Flash Differentiators


Cloud-born and built for the future, requiring minimal maintenance and no onsite servers


Technology gives you complete asset visibility and control, enabling you to evolve as the market does

Take Control of Occupancy

Our digital reservation solutions put you in control of your assets traffic


Plug-and-play hardware keeps you operational and always ready to collect revenue

Highly Configurable

Configured to your asset’s unique needs

Purchasing Option

Use our HAAS purchasing model make sure your operations is using the latest and greatest in technology so your asset is never out of date without taking a capex hit

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A Hotel's Parking Operation Gets a Smart Upgrade

Graduate Annapolis Hotels Expects 220% YoY Revenue Growth

“If I walk into a new location and it's not a cloud-based system, it's a no brainer -- you have to switch to Flash.”

Tim Health, Regional Director of Operations, PMC

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PARCS Hardware

Different PARCS Hardware for Different Needs

We know that different assets have different needs, and we have designed our technology to make sure that you get the perfect solution that fits your business needs today, and sets you up for success tomorrow. 

Flash PARCS Standard Kiosk

The Flash PARCS kiosk and mini kiosk are ideal for commercial office, healthcare, retail, mixed-use, airports and hotels that require front desk POS integrations. This smart machine is ready for even the most complex jobs!

What is a parking access and revenue control system?

A parking access and revenue control system (PARCS) is a system used to manage parking access, parker payment, and revenue collection for parking facilities using parking hardware equipment and parking software.

Parkonect PARCS Gen 2.0 Kiosk

The Parkonect PARCS kiosk thrives in commercial offices, multi-family, mixed-use assets, industrial properties, and hotels without front desk POS integrations and is recognized by its enormous touchscreen and sleek rounded curves, making it a focal point in any asset.

What is parking revenue control equipment?

Parking revenue control equipment refers to devices and software used to manage and collect revenue from parking facilities, such as meters, pay stations, and ticket dispensers. Also, parking revenue control equipment software helps monitor and report on parking usage and revenue.

Parkonect Mini Kiosk

Sometimes a significant hardware upgrade isn’t always feasible, which is why we created the Parkonect Cloud capability add-on. This hardware addition to your existing system makes your asset cloud capable and open for future-ready solutions such as digital demand and our Monthly AR Parking solution.

What is a PARCS Parking System?

A PARCS (Parking Access and Revenue Control System) is a technology solution that manages and controls access to parking facilities with hardware and software. It includes license plate recognition cameras, payment processors, traffic control, and a centralized system, to track and bill vehicles, increase revenue, and improve the parker experience.

What is parking revenue control?

Parking revenue control refers to the process of managing and collecting revenue from parking facilities. It includes monitoring and reporting on parking usage, enforcing parking regulations, and collecting payment through parking meters, pay stations and ticket dispensers.

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