Pay for Parking in a Single Tap
Digital Payment Solutions

Our digital payment solutions are configured with your parking operations in mind, creating more ways for your customers to pay seamlessly through their preferred digital payment method.

Whether it’s replacing a parker’s ticket with a mobile payment experience for an gated asset or utilizing QR code or Apple App Clip instead of a pay-on-foot in an ungated asset, FLASH has digital payment solutions that let your customers pay how and when they want.

Why People Choose Us

The FLASH Difference

Better customer experience

Give drivers a better way to park with a mobile-first experience.

Digital-first design

Digital technology makes your asset more profitable and future-ready.

More ways to pay

Capture revenue and keep customers coming back with a variety of easy payment options.

Parker insights

With insight into parker behavior, your customers aren't anonymous anymore.

The State of Digital Payments in Mobility

74% of consumers state they'll stay contactless even after the panedmic.

“Since switching to digital payment systems, the Parkway enterprise has seen fewer errors (zero recurring mechanical errors, in fact) and more revenue generation.”

RJ Juliano, CMO & CIO, Parkway Corporation

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What Are You Looking For?

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Digital Payments We Support

A digital payment option for every operation.

Digital Ticket Checkout

When drivers pull a ticket at entry, they still have the option to pay on their phones later. No app required. Think of it like a pay-on-foot station in every customer's pocket.

Scan to Pay

Powered by ParkWhiz, converts an unknown parker into a loyal customer with insights into consumer mobility habits.


Lets users pay via credit card, Apple, or Google pay right from their messages – no app download required.

White Label Apps

Create your own loyalty app for transient parkers.


We integrate with a range of in-vehicle platforms, mobile apps, and other partners to bring digital payments to every operation.

Let's Find the Right Solution for You

See how a parking management system that leverages the technology of today can help you create an experience that’s fit for tomorrow.