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Our suite of enforcement solutions provides you with the tools needed to ensure full control of your parking location. Cloud-born technology enables you to improve compliance, make data-driven decisions, and increase revenue, while monitoring your entire operation in real time.

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Configured to the needs of your site or across a portfolio of parking assets, our solutions can adapt to support any enforcement model and will always include cloud-based data collection and offline mode. All violations are logged in the cloud-based management system and reconciled with license plate databases so that violators can be promptly issued notices via mail. Choose from manual and automated enforcement options:

Manual enforcement

Mobile devices can be used by on-site attendants to scan license plates or manually denote the presence of tickets, hang tags, or stickers.

Manual enforcement
Mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Relies on a vehicle equipped with cameras that will drive around a lot and scan license plates.

Automated enforcement
Fixed License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Cameras stationed at entry and exit points can capture license plate information and calculate the duration of the parking period.

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