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Touchless Solutions for the New Next

With a heightened demand for touchless interactions in everyday life, parking is no exception.


The Low-Touch Economy

Touchless Demand Preceded COVID-19

The world we live in today is built on mobile interactions, modern convenience, and seamless experiences. FlashParking’s touchless technologies will help keep your parkers safe and your business current.

Even before COVID hit, FlashParking experienced triple and quadruple-digit growth in frictionless and hands-free solutions for five straight quarters. And some of our most popular products are trending to surpass a strong 2019.

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Touchless Access

Make the first touchpoint touchless. Advanced entry options designed by Flash or enabled by our ecosystem of CoLaborators.


Our Bluetooth BLE technology grants parkers access with a simple tap of a button on their phone.

FlashMotion a touchless parking solution


With our motion sensor, waving hello is the new way to get a ticket without touching our screens.

Arrive eparking

Arrive with OneTap

With a simple press of a button on their phone, Arrive users can gain access to parking facilities.


eParking Reservations

Users of eReservation apps can find, reserve, and pre-pay for parking and gain access by scanning a barcode.


License Plate Recognition

High-tech cameras capture license plates to eliminate the need for parkers to interact with kiosks.



A sophisticated sensor-based system is implemented to recognize vehicles upon their arrival.

Contactless Payments

Complete the touchless experience with a contactless interaction at the point of exit.
Mobile Payment - Garage

Mobile Payments
for Garages

When parkers text-to-pay, they’ll receive a mobile payment link to pay online.

Mobile Payment - Surface Lots

Mobile Payments
for Surface Lots

Parkers can simply text the word ‘park’ to a designated number to receive a unique payment link.

apple pay

NFC Payments
(Apple Pay and Google Pay)

Parkers already familiar with NFC readers can tap-to-pay via ApplePay and Google Pay.

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