Simple, frictionless functionality
Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

A simple, proven method for monthly parking access



Simplicity & Reliability for Contract Parkers

For locations with primarily monthly parkers, AVI is a straightforward way to manage vehicle entries and exits while maintaining anti-passback. Choose between Transcore and Tagmaster credentials, which are placed inside parker vehicles, and your monthly users will enjoy the ease of getting in and out of garages within seconds without interacting with a kiosk or their phone.

AVI is a great solution for facilities seeking to integrate with highway toll tags or simply minimize the hassle of entering the garage for contract parkers.

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Parkers don’t have to do anything other than pull up to the reader to scan the tag and vend the gate


The entry and exit experience with LPR is simple, quick, and easy for parkers


With few variables in the conditions necessary to read RFID or UHF tags, AVI is one of the fastest, most consistent ways to check user credentials

How It Works

Each parker receives a tag to place on their windshield or rearview mirror.

  1. When a parker arrives at the garage, the RFID or UHF reader will recognize their tag

  2. The gate will vend and the parker will gain access

  3. The entry will be recorded in the system, preventing the user from “entering” again before their tag has been scanned at exit

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