Touchless, frictionless, even gateless
License Plate Recognition (LPR)

A simple, futuristic way to manage, access, and accurately calculate revenue


Greet Your Parkers with Ease

LPR is a single solution that offers frictionless access for transient and monthly parkers. When vehicles pull up to your garage or lot, their license plate is simply scanned and the driver can enter the garage. Zero interaction with kiosks is required for a touchless, frictionless experience. 

An excellent choice for long-term parking facilities, LPR systems are highly efficient and accurate when it comes to calculating fees and realizing revenue since it records the moment a vehicle enters. In high-volume locations where both monthly and transient parkers park, license plate recognition systems make for fast entries and exits, keeping lanes moving quickly. 

Integrated with the Latest LPR Technology

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Parkers don’t even have to roll down a window, let alone touch a kiosk to gain access


The entry and exit experience with LPR is simple, quick, and easy for parkers


With LPR monitoring every vehicle that enters, facilities can choose to forgo gates while still managing access and revenue

How License Plate Recognition Technology Works

Each vehicle’s license plate is attached to their ticket number, making access and payment simple for users and consistent for management .

  1. When a parker arrives at the garage, a camera captures the license plate and software algorithms assist in accurately recognizing characters

  2. The license plate is attached to a ticket number and the session is started

  3. At exit, the proper fee is assessed based on when the license plate was registered on entry

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