Near-field Communication
NFC Payments

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and tap-to-pay options


Credit card readers can be upgraded with near-field communication (NFC) readers to accept ApplePay, Google Pay, and tap-to-pay credit cards. These emerging payment methods are a choice favorite among consumers and offer them a contactless payment method that doesn’t require downloading an app or following a link. 

When used with a touchless access method, these easy-to-use options complete the transaction with contactless payment for an end-to-end zero-touch experience. 

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The entire eParking experience, from entry to exit is made contactless when users opt for touchless access like waving for a ticket or making an eParking reservation and choose a contactless NFC payment method on exit.


Simple for consumers to use, these payment methods leverage an already familiar payment method as a contactless option fit for the new next.


All NFC payments are protected by the same PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance standards upheld by every FlashParking transaction.

How It Works

Rather than installing a standard credit card reader, kiosks will be equipped with NFC-enabled readers. When a parker pulls up to the exit kiosk, they’ll scan their ticket and be prompted to pay with a credit card. At that point they can either swipe a traditional card, utilize tap-to-pay, or hold their phone next to the reader to process a payment with ApplePay or Google Pay. 

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