Mobile Parking Payments

Contactless payments for garages and gateless lots

Do your parkers want a stress free parking session? Surface lot owners can now leverage Flash parking to allow parkers to conveniently pay with their mobile phone


Eliminate the hassle of paying at a kiosk for your customers with an entirely mobile-based approach. Using text-to-pay, parkers simply receive a link where they can pay for parking, making the experience touchless, mobile, and fit for the 21st century.

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See how a parking management system that leverages the technology of today can help you create a mobile parking experience that’s fit for tomorrow. 

Mobile Payment Parking Benefits


The entire eParking experience, from entry to exit is made contactless when users opt for touchless access like waving for a ticket or making an eParking reservation and choose contactless payment on exit.


Mobile interactions are second nature for consumers today; meet their demand with the most modern, easy-to-use mobile payment option.


All mobile payments are protected by the same PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance standards upheld by every FlashParking transaction.

Stadium that allows you to pay quickly your parking fees with either google pay, apple pay, or a credit card

How It Works

Using eParking platforms such as Arrive and SpotHero, parkers can reserve a space for a set amount of time and pre-pay for it prior to arriving at a parking garage or lot.

Mobile Parking Payments for Garages (Gated Facilities)

After using touchless method on entry, parkers can complete their experience with this contactless payment method. To pay, users simply click on a custom link where they fill out their payment information and in return receive a barcode to scan at exit. When scanned at the exit kiosk, the gate will vend and the driver will be able to leave in seconds.


Mobile Payments for Surface Lots (Gateless)

This contactless solution for gateless locations also uses text to eliminate kiosk interactions for parkers. Rather than walking up to a kiosk, users simply text the word ‘park’ to a designated location number. When they receive a mobile payment link, parkers can enter in their license plate number or a parking spot number, fill out payment information, and be on their way!

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We Are Ready to Listen and Provide Your Solution Today

See how a parking management system that leverages the technology of today can help you create a text to pay parking experience that’s fit for tomorrow.